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    Straight Female / 27

    In college two guys fought over me, the one who 'won' left the other guy unconscious and took me away in his car. No one questioned that I was his girlfriend, no one would date me. Even girls kept their distance insisting I get permission before going out. I dropped out of my college and went back home. Everyone in my town knew about the fight, no one dated me. After three weeks my 'boyfriend' came for me and took me back to school. I sat out that semester, finished school a semester late and got married.

    I never understood what the fight was about, I mean it was about me, but why fight like they were going to kill each other. I am married so this is all old news, I have kids now. My husband has never hurt anyone else that I know of, he looks after us. I used to ask him but he would tell me that I wasn't old enough to know. I have friends from that time, we don't talk about it any more. But it is a hole in my life I can't fill.

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