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    Straight Female / 33

    I was checking out if it had already been ten years, but no. It happened 2009. It was saturday, first day of autumn.

    I was in a local dance hall with my dad and somehow I end up getting horny. We were only dancing, body to body. It was supposed to be innocent father and daughter dance. I hadn't had any friends to go with me and I had asked him to go with me. Making jokes of us there were spark in between of us and I got wet. His hands on my body and his smell were intoxicating. The slight shame made me burn.

    Mom was not at home and when he dropped me to my home, I made something for us and he stay with me. We danced and gently touched each other and then we end up in the kitchen and our touching got more hot, I got bold and kissed him and there I noticed he had a hard on and I pushed my panties off in front of him. He came inside me while I was sitting on my table. Mom sent a text message to him when we were on the table.

    One of the best moments of my life.

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    God that story makes me wet! Did he really came inside you? I've only done it with my brother and it is the best.
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    Sick twisted bitches, both of u! The 1 that wrote it & the 1 that humps her brother
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    #2 chill
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    #2 you're just upset they're having orgasmic bliss and you're stuck here reading it and wishing it was happening to you.
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    Look, the stark reality underscoring this is the NATURAL tendency of nearly every woman alive desiring her biological father in a sexual manner!! Again, it's nature at work. Furthermore, it's occurring on a global scale now in this 21st century.
    Perhaps ol' #2 commenter fell asleep. They need to wake up. As #1 maintains ; i****t is best and it is happening oftenheimer.

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