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    I know I should have respected myself better, but I didn't. When I was 19 I worked as a payroll clerk in the office of a service yard for a construction company. The Vice President of Operations came to the yard as part of his normal tour of the business. He talked to me and he asked me out and I went to his hotel room and I stayed the night. I got pregnant and that child is now 19. I have never been able to resist him, I have sex with him at the drop of a hat. I have had sex with him when my mother was visiting and of course my daughter has been around him having sex with me all her life.

    She has gotten into this power thing for women and she is accusatory of me being passive and letting her father control me. Of course he controls me. I like being there for him. If I did anything to upset him I would die. I feel she should get a complete lesson on what a woman's body is for, it may be a temple figuratively but it is his to use when he wants it.

    I always wanted her to know that her father has sex with me. We never talk about it, but the door has not always been closed and his hands on me have not always been in the bedroom. I want her to know that her father has sex with me, I want her to know that I will travel to him whenever he asks. I want her to know that sex is not always movie sex, sometimes I do things with him that aren't so polite. I don't care is she catches me. If she wants lessons I will gladly show her or tell her. And she should remember that this is her father, the man that sired her and the man that supports her and is paying for her college. And she owes him respect and submissiveness too. She won't listen but he is fed up with her attitude and angering him has to be about the most stupid thing she can do.

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    I agree with u
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    Your stupid
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    @@@@@@@@ #2 : You clearly indicate the only one stupid here is YOU. You fail to express the language appropriately. GROW UP.
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    Put this in perspective. Whomever posted this blew it major. The time to educate her daughter on relationships was pre puberty & during it. Then her girl would know straight up the man's, in this case her father's power position in the relationship. Certainly the poster's behavior is traditional, correct, serving and pleasing the man ; TRIED & TRUE!! This example should have been instilled upon her daughter long ago. Hopefully there remains time enough to instruct her on her mainly submissive role she needs to adapt. Females were created to be passive by nature. Her daughter needs to be updated that the 'power & equality rights' movement females tried to implement, failed decades ago. She won't request lessons. She should be pulled aside & instructed on respect, submissiveness and to be passive toward her father & men in general. For example, that a man determines when sexual relations will occur and that a man makes most of the decisions anyhow. Teach her what femininity indeed is. Perhaps it isn't too late.

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