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    I have been real read in the palm Beach milf writing screen name is expertmilf151. Writings under palm Beach milf ect... Some think I just started abusing the power I had overy partner who was a married trophy wife of a palmbeacher.
    I started a sexual relation early on at 12 years old but didn't really actually fuck until 13. I started with a very tame very well like and no other vices except doing it witje 6 to 10 times aday
    Her dad was the precher and no she wasn't the normal typical trouble preaches kid. Didn't cus smoke drink and Rin around with bad ppl. She was the beauty queen of her time in North Florida.
    We fucked all the time, places o should sayike the church at the end of the Street hef house two down from mine. Before school she lost always worth cheerleading shorts an o could slip it in cu I had tennis shorts on for I new one day an I was a professional tennis player .
    Welly fasiomation of having my girl done or at watching my girl being done started even at 13. My girl had been m****ted and had pussy lips an a whole my dick could naturally for into. O fit many things ngs into that and sometiemsy out of town tennis doubles partner and I would both be doing our forl and we switch back an forth.y girl was the best look at ng and by now we started experimenting with things . She nany sat for this rich couple out of our neighborhood it close enough I could bike over and fuck her in a house after the kids went to sleep. The new house had no window covering and when I pulled up I often got aroused seeing her and her not seeimge
    This started a is he or is he not there. If he's not there then who is wat hing me, and if it's not him who is grabbing me I'm naked and affraid. As a few weeks played on with this the husband and wife for home early and it was at this time she would have her pussy out playing with it infront a window with no covering . As I watched them watch her I saw both adults get closer in the shadows an grop each other to total shaking motion. I see my milf eyesget opened as the mom of the kids she sat for drop a perfect pair of tits out and for fucked her husband. As he came loid moans thrashig I see my Milf hops unjulate with greater force even when I let .y friends watch me fuck her.. she now has her were pussy eating on the window her squirting her piss. The couple sfarteled by the acknolovmsnt that they to are being watxhed to climax ...
    As the time gets closer da I race my bike home maybe she can stay out on her porch for 15 minutes like many times before I can slip it in an fuck with her parents just inche awY. Well the fine fellow of citizenship from town brought my girl down but stop just put of sight
    I see wiggle move only my vkrl performs when I had my hand down her pants on her pussy and I pee through the timt to see this man's cock out wedge deep in my girls mouth and a past the elbow hand to her pussy boy he most have got it deep .ydick got so hard I came
    She. She vlt IP I saw the cum sheclildmt swollow on his lap. Pulling in she jumps out as I grab her fprceably and her pants were soaked an callem off my dick met no restance. Tothzi day the best aroised moment I never would cum in her bit that kcht I left buiediex three cums of huge petion in her pussy .
    Week three I knew an she did two that I had got her pregnant . She sent to her baby sitting job as usual and called me with a strange messiage. Lights deem, bath drawn sexy stuff to put on and no wife or kids just me Barret on phone recorded to feel free to try on any thing I like she said to me .. I ran ex over to the house and by the time I got there I see a horriefied look as my gf slams the bathroom door. I see 5 to 6 of me Barret friends all in there undershoetsa. Soon on the card table my innocjent little cheerleader . I confess I watched them fuck her , I beat off an came 7 times . She came atleSt 30 times and was so limp leg the last two Fucked her face down
    I knew some photography sing ontheschool year book staff I got the last two guys on top an the 5 watching. When she got up she felt her pussy infront of that crowd and couldn't stop what her pussy started quivering and squirting more than I have seen fr grown ups she came so much k crie.
    Realty clicked payback was lwed she was wronged. The nextkddle week I contacted him and said I got the proof but I got her pragmet this is what I propose .. everything was to be the same except my girl would go with him that night she tolde later they fucked in 14 spots including his boat , parents house, church , pool hall and some she didn't say ..the wife was to be told and she would be available at there house ths inr
    Tire nkght. I did show up to the hottest women in town and for the first three hours I eat her pussy, fist fucked her watxhex her do her boy friend then had 10 of my buddies shos up a😉n each of them take there turn. I had also pit a note at the truck stop And had 6 more truck drivers so uop when the kids had to go home. I charged them 150 eCh to fuck her 400 barebaxck all went bareback two ramed fucked her together dick to dick double vag. She creid after said I could fuck arrange for her anything any time with or airh our ofjers .. I Fucked her all through school ian I would allow her do things before coming to fuck me like pick up stranger park in front of my dorm room let me sat😎, you Fuch him .. she card on times she had someone nea an aouldsaulklk out and watch by then I was over her I had my good fellows4 about 40 step in and fuckher

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    wtf??? get off the meth friend.

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