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    Straight Female / 37

    I never told anyone because it is very embarrassing. The man who I see on Wednesday night when I am supposed to be at church is married to a real nice lady at church. My husband is passed out drunk at home. I shouldn't look for affection like this. He initiated it and I fell for it and now I can't stop it.

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    it's ok your not the only one, I am a church going person and look

    and talk to all the women in my church each Sunday. first of all

    we are only people. I try not to look but its hard when you see a

    women wearing a push-up bra or seeing a great pair of legs with a

    short dress. just be safe and understand that your husband has push

    you into the arms of a better man. let me ask you something, why are

    more and more ladies at church today dressing so sexual open in a way.

    that make guys look.

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    Don't do it. Romance with your husband can be rekindled, but you will forever live with the consequences of adultery.
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    Adultery is not a sin so don't try to confess only to get back to it.Just consider the practical complications.At the moment you are enjoying being this man's mistress and he is just luring into precisely that status and not a respectable status.Every man wants a mistress.

    Get your husband a good therapist to begin antabuse treatment.If he refuses to refrain from alcoholism or does not improve,get a divorce and marry a good man.You are young and I am sure you are beautiful too .You deserve better.Be a queen and not a sex slave.A temporary fling is going to ruin his the lady is going to find out soon enough.

    Make your body the church and stop going to this church if it tempts you to fall in this perilous behaviour only because there is an opportunity to mingle.

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