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    Straight Male / 50

    All i can think about and dream about is to watch my wife get fucked by a big cock. I have had this fantasy for a while know and cant stop thinking about it. Are there more men out there like me? How do i go about asking her?

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    I think a lot of men, me included, have this fantasy.
    I have suggested it to my wife but she's just not into it.
    What you should do though I believe is to introduce her slowly to the idea, whilst making love to her. Start by asking her if she ever fantasizes that you are someone else...maybe a celebrity or something when you make her cum. If she says yes're already part way there.
    Next time when you're balls deep inside her ask her to close her eyes and think about that celebrity person and maybe to call you by his name.....
    Then when you're out and about together and guys walk by ask her if she thinks this one or that one is attractive. If she says yeah maybe a little....the next time you make love to her ask her to think about that particular guy. Just step things up a little at a time. Ideally it will be her that suggests actually taking the big step and involving another guy....otherwise you bring it up and ask her if it would turn her on to have another guy watch the two of you having sex....if she says yes, set it up. Get the guy to touch her, not just watch...see how she reacts. You're almost home!
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    My wife brought this up after few years when we began to talk about our sexlife before we had met. Her ex-boyfriend had been into sharing her and she had fucked with two men. She also told that after their break-up, they had met more or less regularly to have sex and she said he contacted her and had cheated even when she had been dating one other men before me. She was honest and told me how he had contacted her even when we had been dating and did contacted her couple of times in a year in hopes of having sex again. But she hadn't cheat on me and I trusted her.

    At first I didn't had any opinion about her having sex with other men and I didn't mind him contacting her either, but once we going through her old stuff, she show me their old pictures and then it began to get more intriguing. She told me her ex were still single and she thought, knowing him from many years, he wouldn't meet anyone anytime soon. I kind of felt pity of him. She destroyed those pictures, but I couldn't help it. I was thinking of her having sex with her ex.

    I began to talk about him to see her reaction, but she was always bringing up how he is a thing of the past and she doesn't have any feelings towards him other than sex was good, but not as good as with me. I brought it up occasionally and then mentioned sex and asked her would she have sex with him if we would break-up for some reason. She said of course, if she wouldn't get sex from any other men in the mean time but she would never start dating him again. Then I cautiously brought it up again and told her quite honestly how I have been thinking of them having sex and asked her to think of him once we were in bed having sex. She did that, moaning his name, but more like to please me rather than enjoying him.

    It took some time, but then I asked her to have sex with him if it happens. I was encouraging her and it took about a year before they met and they did had sex. I even told that if it would help at all, to lie to him that we had problems in our relationship, but that we are working on it and that she loves me. She said she didn't need to tell him anything, because it was only sex. The thing is, if she would had sex with anyone else I would had got mad, but I kind of felt pity to him and she felt too.

    She had my permission to cheat me with him, not even need to tell me about it before, but unfortunately that didn't last long. They had sex only few times in three years and then he needed to move too far away from us. I would had liked it to last longer. As far as I know, he is still single. We were horny after it, few times I even went to get her from him and I loved the feeling of his stuff inside her. First few times I felt a bit jealous, but in the end it made our relationship only stronger and I married her.
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    Start out by making a joke about it and keep making the joke until one day you just say you’re serious lol.
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    Buy and use a huge dildo on her, and then fuck her afterward, and tell her how good it feels and how it turns you on when she is all stretched out...but it feels cold after the dildo. Then after awhile, tell her you would like it to be stretched out, but warm. Then tell her that a real one would make it warm.

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