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    Straight Male / 48

    One night back in '94 or '95 me and my then gf were coming back home from a friends' party. Needless to say, both us were fairly, ehem, intoxicated.

    We decided to stop and fool around near an old junkyard that at the time was abandoned. The fence was open, and no one had bothered to put a night guard or something there. So drunk and horny as we were we decided to sneak inside and look for some place to make out.

    There's this REALLY old car that seemed like still had a proper backseat. We jumped inside, my gf was giggling excited and I could not wait to go into the car with her. But then, soon after we started making out she asks 'what's that smell?'. Me, being a horny 20-something years old male tried to dismiss that. But soon the smell became more and more intense. It was very dark inside, but we noticed that some kind of fumes emanated from the very seat we were making out in. It smelt REAL bad and hurt in the eyes.

    We freaked out and rushed out of the car. Then we notice that that shit had stuck to my khakis and her leather skirt, so we took those garments off. We looked at my pants and her skirt lying just there on the floor, and we notice those fumes. To this day I still have no clue about what was that shit, just figured it'd be some sort of acid or stuff.

    So we decided that no way we were going to wear those things again, but we have nothing else to put on. So there we were, walking back home at 2 am, me pantsless and she skirtless. Even though we didn't bump into many people (luckily, all them were strangers) my navy blue lycra, white anchors patterned briefs got me some teasing from witnesses. My girlfriend was walking right behind me, trying hard to use my larger frame to hide her black hi-cut bikini panties. Of course, she could not cover herself well from behind. One creepy guy noticed her and kept howling 'hey, Blondie! Where you're goin'?' to her, but luckily he left us alone.

    We were kind of laughing all the way home (thank you, booze), but we both felt quite pathetic and humiliated. We managed to laugh it off once we made it home.

    PD: Nope, our mood wasn't killed. Some fun time between us followed!

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