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    Gay Male / 24

    When I got out of college I got a job in Memphis. I hated it, but it was the only thing I got. I lived in a recovered warehouse loft. I didn't know anyone and I spent my time after work watching television. Across from my building was another recovered warehouse loft, separated by a small courtyard. I noticed that the loft across the street left the dr**es open at night and I could see in. There was a man there who pretty much did the same thing I did, come home and watch television.

    I have a collection of porn videos from my college days. In college I stroked to porn all the time and that night I put a cd in that always got me off and got some oils and sat back in my chair with my feet on the table and stroked myself with the blinds pulled up. Knowing that he was watching me made it better. It became a ritual and whenever I saw him across the way I would stroke myself. I walked around the room naked.

    He sat back and had his television on but I could tell he was watching the window because when I stood up to walk across the room he leaned up in the chair. If I ran into him during the day we just nodded to each other and went our way. Then one day I was at the corner store grocery and he was there and we bumped into each other. And with an exchange of pleasantries, neighbors recognizing each other we introduced ourselves. He was an accountant for FedEx in their facilities there, divorced.

    That night I went back to my favorite cd and stroked for him. I imagined him watching me, now I knew what his face looked like. I imagined that he was sitting across the courtyard stroking himself. That evening I stood up and stroked until I came. I started to leave the blinds up in the bedroom, to sleep naked with a small light on. When we ran into each other we were always polite. I bought some small binoculars and found a place where I could kneel on the floor and watch him. I knew when he went to the bathroom, back to the bedroom. Sometimes the blinds were up in his bedroom. I saw him in his boxer shorts. And I continued to watch porn and stroke myself in the evening when he watched television.

    Then one night, I saw him in his bedroom naked. His blinds were completely up and the overhead light was on. He just walked around. He stood in front of a mirror and ran his hands over his body, he pulled on his penis, turned to the side, went and got on his bed and I saw him masturbate on the bed. Not often, but too many times to be an accident, he stood naked in his room, with my binoculars I could see him clearly. And then he knocked on my door.

    He caught me, I was home for only a little while. The porn cds were on the coffee table, the oils I used, my clean up rag, my towel I sat on to stroke myself. He came in, looked across the courtyard and his apartment, he picked up the cds and went through them one by one and he asked to see it up front and personal. He sat down on the chair that I used and told me to let it out and let him look. He touched me, and then put his mouth around my penis and began to suck. He stopped and asked me if that is what I liked and went back to sucking me. He had me undress completely, and he undressed completely. He had broad shoulders but he also had a belly and he had me reach down and hold his penis with my hand and stroke him into an erection.

    I sucked him. He stopped me and told me to lean against the back of the chair and using the oils he prepared me and he got behind me and fucked me. He had me use my clean up rag to clean him up and asked me to suck him again. After I sucked him for a while he had me stand in the middle of the room and he stroked me and had me kiss his chest and nipples and he stroked me until I came. He let me sit back in my chair and clean myself with my rag. He took the binoculars off the table and asked me to look across into his apartment. On a tripod back in the middle of the room was a video recorder. He said he could operate it remotely, turn it on and off, it had an amazing zoom and he recorded us having sex. He told me that he normally had the video recorder hidden in a plant and he had recorded me for some time.

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