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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I met Ted on an internet site for mature bisexual and gay men. He was a widower who enjoyed having his cock sucked. I was married but there hadn't been any sex in our marriage for several years. Eventually, I began connecting with local men, meeting them in their homes or apartments and sucking their cocks. The meetings were typically brief with few words exchanged. We weren't there to chat or make small talk. I was there to suck dick and they were there to have their dicks sucked. The men varied in age, from their twenties to their seventies. Ted's stated age was 71, although he later confessed to me that he was ten years older than that. What attracted me first to Ted was the photo of him naked. His cock was circumcised, of average length and thickness, heavily veined, and severely curved to the left. I knew from the moment that I laid eyes on that photo that I had to suck that cock. We chatted in the online chat site a few times and then set up a meeting.

    The first time that I met Ted, he was wearing a white teri-cloth robe. He said hello at the door and then I followed him into his living room. He undid the sash on his robe and sat down in an easy chair. I knelt at his feet and began attending to his flaccid penis. Up close I noticed how deep the cleft in his penal head was, how pronounced the curve in his cock became as he became semi-erect, how his cock head made my cheek bulge as it curved harder and harder to the left. It didn't take long for him to cum, perhaps five minutes or so, and when he did, the cum still exploded from his ancient cock splattering my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I swallowed his cum and then continued sucking his rapidly deflating cock a while longer and then lasciviously licked and kissed it before withdrawing my lips and mouth. Ted told me that I really knew how to suck cock and that he had really enjoyed it. I rose up, thanking him for having let me suck his cock. "I should be thanking you, buddy," he said as he struggled to arise from his chair. I helped him up and saw that he was quite unsteady on his feet. His now flaccid cock dangled between his legs as he tottered back and forth.

    The taste of his cock, pre-cum and cum still saturated my taste buds. There was a sourness to the musky, salty flavor, but it was not bitter as some men's cum that I'd tasted had been. He asked me if I had someplace to go right away, and I responded, "No," that I planned to take the rest of the afternoon off. He asked whether if it were all right to lay with him in his bed for awhile before he caught his second wind. I laughed at thats and said, "Sure," not knowing what he had in mind, but liking the old man and not wanting to have this interlude end. I followed him into his bedroom where there were solid clothes strewn pell mell on the floor, on chairs, and even on a lamp shade. "I'm a slob," he said as he struggled to remove his robe. I lied and said, "Not at all," while helping him with his robe. He then laid down on the bed and asked me to get naked and join him. I quickly shucked off my clothes and lay next to him in the bed. "It usually takes me awhile to get hard again, but it would help if you lay between my legs and lick and suck my cock and balls. I didn't need to be asked twice and quickly snuggled between his bent knees wrapping my lips around his limp cock and began the process of resuscitation. He gently moaned at my ministrations pushing my mouth deeper by pushing on the back of my head with his bony arthritic hands. "That's it, that's it," he muttered. "That feels so good." I buried my face in his gray/white bush, feeling his cock slip past my gullet deep deeper and deeper into my throat. Gradually, almost imperceptibly I felt his penis grow longer, thicker, felt the curve grow more and more pronounced. Ted said, "Damn, but you can suck cock," as I bobbed my head up and down his now semi-erect appendage. I could taste the viscous pre-cum he was dripping, a tinge of musk as the drops slid across my tongue spilling into my throat. I momentarily pulled up off of his cock and began licking his balls as they sat in his hairy sac. "I love having my balls sucked," Ted said, as I buried my face between his bony legs and suckled on his hairy sac, sucking now the left testicle and now the right one. I looked up and saw that his cock was now fully hard, and I began tonguing it, working the tip of my tongue in and out of his piss slit, which was gaping open, streaming a trail of pre-cum.

    Ted asked me if I'd ever been fucked and I told him that I had, but that it had been quite a long while. He told me the he wanted to fuck me and shoot his cum deep inside my asshole. I asked him how he wanted to fuck me and he said he enjoyed doggie style, so I turned toward the foot of his bed and his bedroom door, with my ass up and directed towards him, and I could him hear him clear his throat and spit the phlegm onto his hand and then his slimy fingers probing, pushing into my asshole, first one, then two. When he removed the fingers I felt the head of his cock pushing against my sphincter and then as he grunted and pushed, I felt first the head of his cock and then the length of his cock sliding inside me as he began fucking me. It felt so good after so many years to feel a cock deep inside me, fucking me harder and harder. I could feel and hear the slapping of his balls as his rhythm quickened, his breathing becoming more labored. "You're tighter than a drum," he managed as his veiny curved dick pummeled agains the walls of my rectum. He had a death grip on my shoulders using them as leverage to shove his cock deeper and deeper inside me. I could feel his dick so deep inside me that it felt that it was deep in the pit of my gut. Having already cum once, it was taking him much longer to cum this time and I was in no hurry to have his fucking end. I could tell by his strokes and his breathing, by his grunting, that he was getting closer and closer to cumming. It had been years since I'd felt the heat of being fucked long and hard and I was awaiting the soothing sensation that his cum would give me, a relief to the fire deep inside of me.

    Suddenly as he fucked me and as I was rapturously taking in this whirl of pleasurable sensations, the bedroom door opened and there was a young man standing there staring at the sight of us. "Grandpa!" he said, and I realized the shock that it must have been for him to see his Grandfather violently fucking this total stranger. I tried to free myself from his grip, but Ted only held onto my shoulders even harder as he continued the fucking so close to orgasmic release that he would not stop, even though his grandson was watching him fuck me. The young man remained transfixed by this sight of his grandfather fucking me, wordlessly watching us, the scene surreal, unimaginable. Finally Ted loudly grunted several times as I felt his semen shooting deep inside of me, volley after volley, until the contractions had ended and he pulled his now flaccid penis from inside of me. "Fuck, didn't anyone ever teach you to knock before opening a closed door?" Ted asked his grandson. His grandson mumbled some apologies but wasn't moving from the spot where he had been rooted, his keen eyes still on the scene of the two of us, naked, sweating, the old man's cock dangling between his legs and mine still erect from the fucking I'd just had. I stumbled into my clothes as Ted slipped back into his robe. As I was exiting his bedroom, Ted said, "You can come back anytime." I bumped past his grandson muttering that I was sorry that he'd seen that and made it to the door in a state of disarray. I made my way to my car and began backing out of his driveway when I looked up and saw Ted waving goodbye, the grandson nowhere in sight, probably still rooted to the spot that he'd watched us from.

    I felt mortified at having been seen by the grandson, my ass sloped up to receive the old man's deep and rapid strokes, at having the old man's cum dripping out of my asshole as I tried to get dressed, at having my cock harder than calculus even after he had finished fucking me, event after I had gotten my pants back on and made my way passed the grandson in the doorway, even as I exited the old man's house and made it to my car.

    The sucking and fucking had been exquisite but I wanted to put it all behind me. Ted messaged me a few times after that but I always made excuses that I was busy or ignored his messages. I just couldn't face him. The whole episode was far too embarrassing. I could never look back into his face without the shame of what had happened returning, destroying whatever future we might have otherwise had together.

    A few months later, I saw that Ted had died and thats there would be a memorial at a local funeral home. I felt guilty for not having responded to this entreaties, not having provided him with the pleasure that he had sought in his last weeks and months on earth. I knew that I shouldn't, but I attended the memorial service. There were only a few old-timers there, and a scattering of family members. I walked up to the open casket and was struck by the yellowed waxy corpse that lay there in his coffin, bearing only a slight resemblance to the man i'd been with. As I stood before him, I wondered if I had been his last lover, if he'd had any sexual interludes after ours, if he had died thinking about that tremendous fucking he had given me. As I turned from the casket, my eyes met the gaze of his grandson's. Initially, he looked confused, as if he'd seen me somewhere before but just couldn't place me. And then suddenly hr recognized me and I sheepishly half-smiled at him. I told him that I was sorry for his loss, that Ted was quite a man, and that I hadn't known him long but that I would never forget him. He pointed towards an alcove off the showing room and I followed him there. He told me that he had been shocked by the image of his grandfather fucking me, that he had no idea that his grandfather was still sexually active let alone that he enjoyed men. I told him how we had met and how I had been too embarrassed to have responded to his messages afterward. He understood. We shook hands and as I was about to depart, he told me that on his deathbed, Ted had muttered something about his last hurrah, something about being in the saddle again, referring to his having mounted me, and that he had muttered my name as he succumbed to death's final call. He had been a lonely man. I guess we were both lonely men. The idea that his last memories were of that day's sucking and fucking, brought a smile to my face and to that of his grandson. I had been wrong to duck him afterwards. I should have kept sucking and letting him fuck me until he became to ill to do so. But, at least I had given him a couple of hours of sexual pleasure there at the end of his time on earth.

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