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    Straight Female / 33

    After hearing (Wrongly) that my husband had screwed a bar maid when he and some friends went on a trip abroad, I thought I'd get even. The very same night I was told he'd cheated on me, I went out with a girlfriend and eventually got drunk. We ended up in a back street bikers bar, infamous for all the wrong guys being in there. Within half an hour I was sucking on the cock of a really nasty (Reputation wise) individual, but one who's cock was massive. Unfortunately to me at the time, I made him cum all too quickly, so I flirted with his cute son. He too as I found out outside, had a whopper of a cock, but unlike his father, he stayed hard, available and ready to fuck me. Which he did for nearly quarter an hour up against and over his motor cycle. It was I have to say, in my merry state as I was at that time, some of the best sex I've ever had and he made me climax three times by fucking me so wonderfully well.
    Back inside the bar, my friend and I continued to drink and I got steadily drunker and drunker. This is something I was told by my friend the following day. I apparently in the bar itself, sucked off yet another biker, and then went back outside for seconds with the young man.
    With the mother of all hangovers, my friend text me midday and told me all about what I'd gotten up to, and to contact a mate of my husband's. I did and found out it was he who'd fucked the bar maid. My husband being as he said he was, in a casino gambling.
    Now I don't know what to do. Tell my husband everything, or keep quiet and hope the son of the biker I had sex with doesn't say anything. I say this because he just so happens to sometimes work with my husband.
    My other concern is the memory of just how amazing the sex was with him. And since the night at the bar, all I've thought about is his huge beautiful cock and imagined him fucking over and over again.

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    Tell him. He deserves better than a cheating spiteful whore like you. Hope you got herpes.
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    Ignore that comment he’s just a pussy, he does deserve the
    Truth though and be honest about why, the truth will come out eventually and men are competitive if he a man he’ll fuck you his best until he gives you a better time so it’s best to both of you. Good luck hope you do right thing
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    Yes, you are going to have to tell him the truth and it should be very soon. The truth will come out and you need to get out in front of it. Not only did you do a terrible thing, you didn't even look into what you heard before acting so hastily in seeking revenge. You have totally ruined your reputation, your marriage, and probably any trust and respect your husband held for you. You deserve the worst and will be lucky if you don't get it from him.
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    Not at all.

    Whatever happened should not happen again.

    If those bikers return and try getting close---behave as if you don't know them--despite the great tool/s and the associated temptation.They might try to turn you into their sex slave and involve many others.Or they might have made a video and might blackmail you.

    In case of blackmail,get in touch with the police--who are duty bound to protect your privacy,arrest them for". r****g you when you were under the influence of alcohol"( Very convenient escape for you--which you MUST exploit or get ruined).

    Get your friend to delete the text she sent you and you delete your copy.

    Don't tell your husband's friend what you have done.

    Get ready to face consequences in terms of any contagious disease you might have contracted including syphilis,gonorrhea,AIDS,herpes.You were reckless.This is not the way to get even with your husband.I am not going to be sanctimonious but it's always better to be faithful and find (and remember )faults with others which can be used against them( under very trying circumstances) if they try something nasty against you.Never learn the hard way,learn from somebody else's mistakes.

    Request your friend to keep quiet and don't be ready to pay a heavy price for it--such as sleeping with someone she suggests--if she is sick as well.She can't prove anything if there is no video.You can always claim blackmail even if she joins that biker gang.

    Get ready to get your marriage rocked if nothing works.

    A very big mistake.Hope no one,including yourself, creates further problems for you.

    Don't confess to any priest even if you are a devout Catholic. In India a woamn did that and 2-3 priests sexploited her.
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    35 again.All others are absolutely RIGHT in their own way but damage control is the best if these bikers don't meet you again and your friend keeps quiet.

    Don't visit that bar again.They will try to locate you since these guys like submissive women.Let's HOPE HOPE HOPE no one else there knows you or has made a video production.

    I am open to better understanding of #2 and#4 since they are not wrong anyway.

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