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    Straight Female / 40

    So this is more of an awkward moment than it is an embarassing moment. I'm a divorced woman, had been trying internet dating with very little success. I got to the point I decided to stop looking for a relationship, and figured I would just look for an ongoing fwbs. I live in a small town, which kind of limits the number of people I can meet here. But there's a large city less than an hour east of me, and a large military base west of here. So more people.

    I decided to try out the website Adultfriendfinder. I figured I could be more straight forward with what I was looking for on that site. lol. After checking the site out for a bit, I posted a few photos (without showing my face) of what I had. And made it clear I wasn't going to share a face picture unless I was interested and sure things were going somewhere. Basically to be discrete. Of course, being a woman online showing off your boobs will get you a lot of attention fast. lol. I eventually got a message from a guy who was 12 years older than me. He was divorced, lived west of the city, so going out towards the area I was in. I wasn't usually interested in men that much older, but his profile was well written, he was pretty sexy in his photos, and he came across as a pretty decent guy. So we started talking and he said he wasn't in any rush to meet and wanted me to be comfortable.

    So we had been talking for a bit (about 2 weeks). We talked about everything from sexual experiences, to fantasies, to just plain hobbies and movies, music, etc.. I had really good vibes about him and was ready to ask about meeting. We were talking one night and he ask me if I wanted to watch him jerk off on cam. Normally this type of thing doesn't appeal to me. But I thought; it shows I'm interested and interested in enjoying something he likes doing, I though "well I've seen enough pictures of his cock, so it would be kind of like seeing it in person", plus I figured it could be a great way of mentioning meeting. So we he started doing his thing, we were talking dirty throughout and he eventually blew a good size load. I was impressed with his stamina. And then it happens, he moves the camera and I see his face. I realize then I knew him. His youngest daughter and my daughter go to the same school together. Both of us, and his wife, take part and help out with school activities. What I felt was impossible to explain. lol. I figured with a big city and military base nearby, there would be a lot of people to choose from, so as to not get someone I know. Plus, I knew I was going to find men that lied about being married, but when you know the wife, that's shocking. So as bad as it was, I waiting a few days, and just deleted the account.

    Now here's the awkward moment. One night I'm shopping at Walmart, I run into him and the wife. We have a friendly conversation. The whole time I'm thinking, I watched you whack off. You know what my tits look like and don't even realize it. So I figure in the fall, school functions are going to be a little uncomfortable. LMAO!!

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    I think you should have told him online before deleting your account that you knew him AND his wife. Then he would be wondering who the fuck did he blow his load for that knows him. That would have been more of a reason to smile!
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    You did the right thing by not saying anything. You dont know the marital situation between him and his wife, they might have an open marriage and she plays around too.

    I had a simular situation from Craigslist. We chatted for awhile then finally met. We didnt recognize each other at first but then they told me their names and I kind of flipped out, lol. But once the shock was done we got back together and had some great times.
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    NIce! I used to meet guys from CL for mutual blowjobs. I met a guy that sucked like a pro and always swallowed and I often did the same for him. We stayed on a first name basis and would meet up about every Thursday for "Cock lunch" as he called it. Then at the company I worked for at the time holiday party, our secretary wanted me to meet her husband. You got it, he was the gut I met for "cock lunch Thursdays"! I felt a little strange and excited thinking that I'd sucked his cock and swallowed his cum and the mouth that gave his wife a kiss had had my cock and cum in it several times. We met up a few times after that but I could never look at his wife the same way after that.LOL
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    I had a similar situation happen to me. I was in college and just before midterms my bf and I broke up. After midterms I decided I was going to hookup with someone to celebrate and kind of get over the bf. So I used pof which still had the intimate encounter section at the time. I had hit it off with a guy my age and we decided to chat off the site and exchange pictures. He ended up sending me a few pictures, including a full body shot. Face, body and cock. Turned out it was guy I went to high school with. I knew his gf, even though we weren't friends. I wasn't sure what to do at first. But I decided to tell him who I was. At first he was freaking out that I was going to tell his gf. Fact was, his gf had been screwing around on him for years. She ever hooked up with a guy friend of mine a few times. But I reassured him I wasn't going to tell her, that I was still interested in getting together. I ended up sending a body shot of me, face, tits, pussy. And that sealed the deal. He conveniently got called into work for the night. We met at a cheap motel. I was really happy I didn't stop talking to him when I thought of it. But I have to admit I've seen his gf a few times since and kind of wanted to tell her. But didn't.

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