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    Straight Female / 29

    During a party after a happy hour with my friends I was sold to this new guy for a beer. He took the collar off the dog and after clipping the leash on he put the collar on me and made me sit at his feet. He walked me to the bathroom and stepped in with me and he made me get on all fours in the tub and pee like a dog. He took me back to the party but I had to get down and follow him on my hands and knees. I was fed out of a bowl, petted, and had to bark. The fun ended when he got on my back and mounted me in front of everyone. I kept an upper lip and held back my tears. People laughed, slapped him on the back, I was nicknamed Bow Wow. For my birthday a couple of weeks later I got a bag of dog food. This happened seven years ago but I am still his 'bitch'. My nickname Bow Wow followed me and even my mother and sister call me Bow Wow. Most outsiders don't understand my nickname. I agree that I went along, the bathroom thing was funny at the time, but being mounted and humped in public embarrassed me and I've been told so many times to get over it I don't talk about any more.

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    If it makes you feel better I have a friend that did it with a dog at a party when she was really really drunk. She was mad at us for not stopping her but she kept acting really slutty the whole night and we got tired of trying to stop her from making a fool out of herself.
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    You know you don't have to do anything you dislike, don't wish to do or disagree with. Of course, others won't have a clue if you don't tell them, stand up for yourself and quit doing whatever it is that is going against your will. You have to draw the line and place limits on your behavior. You have to admonish those who don't or won't support you whatever their relation to you may be no matter what role they play. Seems to me it's high time for you to give up on this little "sub" game you're playing. So why to you let these people do this to you? Why don't you put your foot down and put an end to it?
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    So sad.
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    Why do you put up with this bullshit? Get some self respect.
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    I watched a girl get fucked by a dog at a bar in Mexico. The guy who took us there got us at the front table, they tied her hands to the front of this bench, laid her on it and the dog jumped up and fucked her and knotted her and when he let go she dripped cum with a gusher. First time I came in my pants at a girly show.

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