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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 25

    My name is Elizabeth, and when I was 17 years old, my parents and I took a trip down to Florida to see my Aunt,Uncle, and 10 year old cousin named Marco. We stayed at their summer home that sat close to a lake. When we arrive my aunt got us settled in a guest room while Marco was outside playing basketball. Marco was a tall boy for his age, with black hair and a very trim physique.

    After we were settled, we decided to drive to the beach. I put on a tight fitting red bikini that excentuated my D cup breasts. All Marco wearing was a pair of boxer shorts since his did not feel the need for him to wear a bathing suit. When we arrive at the beach I catch Marcos glance go to my boobs, followed by his hands moving to cover his crotch. Then I remember his parents telling my parents that he had just started puberty. This meant that I had given him one of his first erections, which was kinda of weird since we were family, but I found it cute anyways.

    As we stared walking, Marco stared playing in the waves. He would wait and let the waves knock him over and get back up. The at one point when he stood back up, his boxers had been pulled down to his feet, exoposing his young penis to all of us. It was only a second or two before he pulled up his boxers. We all laughed and Marcos blushed.

    That night in bed, I could not stop thinking about Marco's penis. Even though it had been out for only a few seconds, I had capture a clear mental picture if it. It extended out only 3 inches, he had a rossy red head that was covered with smooth pale fleshy foreskin. He was completely hairless down below (I perfered boys who shaved), and his testicles hung down like two ripe cherries inside his sack. As the night went on I thought about how small my vagine was, and I thought to my self,"I coundn't work, could it?" By the time I fell asleep I had a mission: I was going to get Marco's dick inside of me.

    This was a very difficult task, since either my parents or Marco's were always home. I started to not wear underwear, allowing my self to expose my self to Marco when ever I bended over or spread my legs. At some points I would even let my hand rub up against his hard cock.

    Then one night my opportunity came when all of the adults left to go to a dinner and left me to watch over Marco, only if they knew what I had planned. When they left, Marco was taking a shower. I stripped and walked into his room naked l. I opened the shades to make it but more risky, exposing myself to a nearby road. I sat on Marco's bed with my D-cup tits and recently shaved camel toe pussy exposed. Marco finished his shower and walked in with a towel around his waist.

    "Hey Marco, let's have some fun tonight" I said as I walked towards, dragging my finger up the rim of my pussy. He was stunned. Once I reached him, I pulled on his towel, letting it drop and and erection pop up. I went on my knees and started to suck his tiny dick, being able to fit his shaft and balls in my mouth. Then suddenly I feel my mouth fill with a bitter tasting warm liquid, that is not cum. "Sorry" Marco says. I take his dick out of my mouth, swallow his urine, and insert it into my pussy. "Go ahead and finish, pretend I am a urnal" I say. I feel his urine fill my pussy. After he was done I have him start pulling his dick in and out. To help him get aroused I push his face into my tits and reach in to his asshole to stimulate him. I was going to let him pull out, but I decided to let him blow his first load in my pussy, luckily nothing came of it

    Now, many years later, at family reunions you can find us both in the bathroom and let's just say that Marco does not use the toilet to releave himself.

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