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    Relationship advice
    I like to read the stories here- gets me worked up for sure. I donât really have a confession but I have some x-rated relationship advice that I canât just impart casually to just anyone and since this is an x-rated site I think it fits.

    Iâm 57 white male, married and divorced twice and dating a Latina girl about 54. Iâm 6 foot 195l lbs and in fairly good shape. She 5â1â 130 lbs curvy, big D tits she had reduced to C. Yes bigger was pretty damn sexy BUT. Ds reduced to Cs makes them tight and round as hell. They donât fall at ALL. They are sugar bowl round and just as sweet.

    My first two wives were white and had a lot of hang ups about their c**t. This Latina knows c**ts are for fucking. Sheâs wet all the time and ready to go. Here comes the cliche- sex is better now than anytime before. Yes, young sex is great for the newness and the first time stuff and getting hard just by looking at your dick (that shit donât last forever boys!), but sheâs wet and Iâm hard (eventually) and thatâs a good combo.

    If I had to rate myself on a sex scale 1 to 10, with stories on this site being 10, I doubt I could hit 8 very often: maybe 7.5 average. You fucks are nasty! But my Latina gf likes to fuck more than I thought possible. We knew each other for 10 years, while I was married to another, fucked sometimes, and got together permanent when my marriage broke up (âcause I knew she liked to fuck and suck my dick dry!).

    The first 6 months we lived together we fucked twice a day. Straight. Thatâs 180x2==360 fucks in six months. More than all 10 years of my previous relationship. I canât tell you what a revelation fucking was to me and its relationship to relationship satisfaction. Now I know why the other two marriages failed: death by lack of fucking. About 1/30 of the fucking that should have been going on.

    Youâve got to fuck when youâre happy, fuck when youâre sad, mad, lazy, sleepy, tired, grumpy: fuck fuck fuck youâre way through life. When the fucking stops, the shark is dead. But that is just my prelude to why Iâm writing.

    One time my gf, who rides her own sport bike with me and mine, came through the bedroom door after a long day at work with her black jacket, boots, and short salt and pepper hair and I said you look hot! Sheâs always self conscious about her looks and blew me off. That sorta pissed me off. Who the fuck blows off a complement from their lover? Plus Iâm a dad and one thing you donât do is tell a dad somethings not something when he says it is. But I did not say a word. I bided my time. It was 6:00 pm.

    I waited until 9:00. Everyone was down, I put the music and candle on. Said, honey, why donât I give you a massage? Oil and the whole works. I got her all naked, on her tummy, rubbing oil everywhere, then I got the special sex oil that gets hot when you blow on it, cherry flavored. Cheeky stuff from college days I know but I have a good use for it. After rubbing her ass for a while and getting her loosened up, I do something I never did for anybody- I get some of the blow oil and put it on her asshole and blow. Ya she goes nuts. But I tongue her asshole for 45 minutes with that oil with multiple applications (and ya, 45 minutes is a long time when youâre 57. Thatâs 45 minutes no bullshit my tongue in her ass). Thatâs right guys, I took out my anger and hostility on her asshole with my tongue. Thatâs called constructive redirection and thatâs what I recommend.

    After 45 minutes of ass-c**t-clit and back, three big Os and a bunch of little Os and her pussy juices all over the place and I mean everywhere on me, her the bed, sheets, covered in ass and pussy juice- after sheâs all limp and exhausted from coming and sweaty from the Os, I said, with some amount of satisfaction, donât ever tell me your not hot again! So next time your pissed at your woman, you know what to do!

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