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    Lesbian Female / 40

    I have been to counseling for several years dealing with my self image and issues about sex. My family saw sex as the evil on earth and the guilt feelings they left in me have never gone away. I can rationalize that it is wrong, but a sex act freezes me up. I have never had a relationship that went beyond a couple of dates. I am 40 now.

    For whatever reason I don't myself understand I confided in this woman at work. I will call her Clara. Clara is 55 and she is from California and she is open about everything. She took her breasts out and showed them to just to let me see that there is nothing wrong with showing your breasts. She told me that she was going to lick my clit. After a good clit licking I was going to stop this nonsense and let some guy fuck me and then I was going to be alright.

    We went to her apartment. We had a glass of wine. She got undressed, totally naked and showed herself to me. She pulled up a chair and sat across from me and lifted her legs and opened her pussy to show me her clit. She asked me to take off my clothes and sit back and open my legs and show her my clit. It was therapy, to get over my self conscious feelings. I sat there, frozen. She got up and went and brought back a couple of toys, a vibrator and a dildo. She told me that I should go back to her room and insert the dildo up my ass and take the vibrator and give my clit a whiz. I sat there.

    She took the dildo and lubed it up, put it between her legs and inserted it in her vagina and fucked herself for a bit. After a few moments she took the dildo out and got on the couch and inserted the dildo in her ass, all the way up to the balls and asked me to fuck her with it. With the dildo still in her ass she stood up and stretched telling me that it felt good to have the dildo up her ass and that I needed to get over myself and start taking care of myself.

    During the whole show I never said a word, I just watched. I was aroused, and when she got down on her knees and pushed her face into my crotch I let her open my legs. She fought to take off my pants and I let her, she put her face and mouth on me and found my clit and started to suck and bite me and finger me. She reached for the dildo and stuffed it up my vagina all the way while she sucked my clit. I lost control and had my first orgasm.

    She finished undressing me until I was totally naked, kissing me and playing with my breasts, fingering me, using the dildo, she got over me and told me to open my mouth and she lowered herself on my face. We were on the rug in the living room, I was shaking but not from fear, she took the vibrator and put it against my clit and fire went through me and I had another orgasm.

    That night we cooked a meal and she told me that I should stay over with her. That we were going to get in bed naked and watch a movie and cuddle and get to know all our intimate areas, that she wanted to get to know my nipples and she wanted me to get to know her pussy. The night went by fast, the movie we never finished watching, I licked her clit, we played with the dildo and the vibrator. In the morning we fixed breakfast and sat on the veranda to eat and have coffee. I got kissed and hugged and we showered together.

    Clara told me that dicks were fine but pussy was better. Lick a girl's clit and she will come. We needed to look for the right girlfriend, maybe a twenty something, or maybe a thirty five year old grade school teacher, a girl who liked to have her clit licked and wanted to share her tits and ass with another woman. Clara and I spent a lot of time together, we met several women, one at her apartment complex that I went out with a couple of times. Clara taught me how to come on to a girl, to whisper things in her ear and ask her if she wanted to have her clit licked. If she said yes you had the right type of girl. I am dating her now, she loves to have her clit licked.

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    You don't need someone to boost your self esteem.You are fine and were meant to be so.Forget what your parents drilled into you about sex.They had you due to sex.

    Be careful and enjoy life.Never give in to imaginary body image-issues to let others exploit them.
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    Get rid of the carpet & get sum dick, & on with your life!! Doing what the old 55 chick prefers is her Life: Not Yours!
    If pussy is so great Y do lesbians rail each other with toys that simulate a Dick?

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