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    Straight Female / 21

    The was at work the other night at one of my janitorial accounts. Since I work alone I kind of take my time and enjoy myself. I think that might caught me by surprise though. So I'm just going about my work, wiping down the inside walls of the main toilet stall and I sat down on the toilet for a moment to get some hard to reach areas. As soon as I did though, Immediately I started Peeing my panties uncontrollably.

    I was caught totally by surprise, not even realizing I had to pee at all. As if that wasn't enough, I started to Fart loudly and before I could do anything to stop it, I started Pooping at the same time and totally soiled my panties. So while I pooped and peed non stop for the next several minutes I stripped completely Naked and decided to work Naked the rest of the time I was in there since the bathroom door was locked anyway for security reasons and I work alone.

    Long story short, I finished pooping eventually but it was the longest Pee I can remember. I must have gone for a good 10 minutes or longer before it stopped. I did get back to my cleaning work, but being Naked the rest of the time I did have to Pee again every few minutes from then on. So I just went on the floor while working then cleaned it up.

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