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    When my uncle Jay came to stay with us recently, he and my dad went on a all day drinking binge. They both got wasted and my mum wasn't best pleased. Later on with my parents in bed, I went downstairs to get myself a drink and saw Jay sprawled out on the couch. His cock was out of his shorts and it looked very impressive. Staring at it for some time thinking, yes, no, yes go on, no don't, I finally walked over ducked my head down and sucked his flaccid cock into my mouth. Within a minute it was fully erect and I decided to give him a full on blow job. Getting down onto my knees, I took hold of his cock, put it back into my mouth and let it slide all the way over my tongue.
    I gave my uncle one of the best blowy's I'd ever given anyone, and soon felt his large cock pulsing in my mouth. Knowing that feeling all too well, I knew he was about to blow, but what happened next made me jump. Deep throating his cock, I felt Jay put his hands onto my head and he began to force fuck my face. I jumped knowing he was awake and then his cock exploded in my mouth. Not having any other choice, I swallowed his cum and Jay released my head. Thinking he'd be looking at me when I raised my head, he was actually asleep.
    Getting up quickly, I got myself a drink and went back to bed. The following morning he said nothing, but he did wink at me. Nothing over the next few days he stayed was mentioned either. But when he was leaving with his bag in his hand, he leaned towards me, kissed me full on the mouth and said "When you're sure enough, call by my place and I'll fuck the shit out of you".
    Next week my parents are away and Jay has said I can stay over at his place. My only concern and it's not having him fuck me per say (I have been fucked many times before). It the fact he's my uncle and should I be allowing a family member to fuck me. I know my sexual self and my arsehole desperately wants him to, but my head says, maybe not.

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    Hot confession! Go ahead and let him fuck you. You already swallowed his cock cream after giving him what was a very great blowjob so taking his cock up your well used ass should be the next logical step. Let us know how it turned out!
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    Shore why not !! My first cock was my uncle !! He was 21 I was 7 !! I was his cum dumb as they call it !! He cum in my mouth on my small boi dick and balls and all over my ass hole and as crack . The sad part he got hit by a car when I was 10 years old !! That ended he was in hospital for 3 years But not to worry my older brother at 15 took over he use me the same way found out my uncle fuck my borther when he was 11
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    You've already sucked him off so what difference does it make that he's your uncle?

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