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    Lesbian Female / 24

    Fifteen and sixteen on a summer afternoon. We had gone swimming and we had laid out by the pool the rest of the afternoon and went in for a snack. I sat on the couch and turned on the TV and she came over and just fell to her knees between my legs and put her hands palm down on my crotch and put her chin on her hands and started to rub in. She asked me if I liked it. I was taken aback, she was very concentrated, removed her hands and pressed her face into me and mouthed me and then back with the hands asking me if I liked it. I knew we shouldn't be doing that, it felt incredibly good, she told me to open my legs a bit more, she buried her face back into me and bit me with her teeth through my bikini. She went wild, biting and kissing and pressing her face into me, using the palm of her hands to massage me until she got her objective of making me reach orgasm.

    She lifted herself up cupping my breasts and groping them asking me if I liked it, she pushed my top off and started kissing, sucking and massaging my breasts, she took my face in her hands and kissed me on the mouth, she told me she loved me and that she had wanted to show me for a long time. She took off her top and asked me to touch her breasts, to grab them hard and pinch her nipples really hard. I didn't pinch hard enough and she yelled at me to pinch her nipples, to bite them until she cried. I was scared but I did what she asked, she kept asking me to show her that she was my bitch. She had worked her bikini bottoms off and asked me to eat her, to open her pussy and eat her.

    For all my life I had never seen a pussy right there an inch from my nose, she kept asking me to open and it close it and to lick it and suck it, to just eat her and suck her clit and then she came in her orgasm. We sat there, she was totally naked and me half naked, she asked me to take my bikini bottoms off and show her my pussy. I stood in front of her and she ate my pussy, sending her tongue into me. She sat me down and she used her hand to penetrate me, first with one finger and then two and three and she fucked me with her hand rubbing my clit with her other hand until she had me reach another orgasm.

    We never stopped after that afternoon, she wanted to be my total bitch, to have sex at every opportunity which our summer break gave us, to swim naked, to eat pussy by her sitting on the table, to use our phones to take pictures and video and masturbate to the pictures and video later. Our heat didn't disipate for a long time, not after school started, not over Christmas break. If we had to stay dressed it didn't mean that her hand wasn't between my legs with a pillow on my knees, or that she didn't sneak into the bathroom with me to kiss and tickle our pussies.

    Our heat didn't slow down until we were seniors and we were more serious and we talked about going to college and living together. We are working now, college graduates, both teaching school in the same district, we are 24 and she wants to get married, we have been together for eight years, she wants us to have kids, to use our brothers to inseminate us. It is all planned out, she has had it all planned out since we were still learning in high school. Deep in the back of my mind I worry about being high school sweethearts, what if we grow up or we find someone else? I worry about that, she doesn't.

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