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    Gay Male / 44

    Over the years I have collected a few pictures, some very risque, of me and one or other sex partner. Not everyone likes to take pictures, but some of us do. I started early when the phones came out with cameras, pictures of a man with his penis in my mouth, or a man with his penis in my rear, or of a man's hard cock. Some of those are very good pictures, we posed for them and only kept the better ones. With coming of the smart phone we took so many that none seemed to be good enough. Plus I was older and some of my sex partners were older too and we wanted to get on with the business at hand.

    I had a friend over to my house, a guy from my work. He is a nice, ten years older than me. He knows I'm gay, I don't hide that. He had come over to help me with my tax return. My mother had passed and I had inherited a house which I sold. We were on my computer, he was sitting and I was standing behind him and he was working on a spread sheet. I totally forgot that I had my directory open and he went to save my file and he went to the file explorer folder the page that came up was the page with all those pictures. Sure they were thumbnails, but they were pretty explicit, especially right then.

    Like I said he knew I was gay, but even straight people don't save all their pictures with a cock in their mouth. I looked at him and to break the ice I said 'what can I say, I love to suck cock'. He opened one of the pictures, it went straight to the photo viewer. He started one by one, he would make a short comment once in a while, about the penis in the picture. And there was more than one photo of a penis in my rear. He asked me if I liked it, did I really like it. I assured him that I did like it. I had dozens of pictures and we went through them one by one, commenting, remembering, I was sitting beside him, laughing with him, he asked me if I remembered all my partners and I lied and said yes. When we were done he said thank you.

    I sat with him in silence for a minute or two, and I asked him if he had ever spent time with a man. He looked at me, and said yes, when he was young, very young he spent time with another boy. With a man when he was older in school and once or twice in his college days. I don't know why I kissed him but I did. I asked him when was the last time he had spent time with a man. By then I had my hand on his lap, I told him not be embarrassed, if he didn't want to tell me that was OK with me. But he told me, he had met up with a man while attending a tax conference in Los Angeles, this was some five years ago. I kissed him again, this time a long kiss and put my hand over his penis in his pants.

    I asked him what was his poison, did he love cock or did he love the boy? I explained and told him I loved cock, I wanted cock. I generally didn't love the boy. A third kiss and I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock because now he had me excited and I took his cock out of his pants and leaned over and sucked him the best way I knew how. Then I asked him, what about him, did he want to suck cock. I opened my pants and stood up for him and put my cock up against his mouth. He was hesitant, he opened his mouth and closed his eyes and I put my cock in his mouth and he closed his lips around it. He put his hand on my hip, I took it and put it on my cock which he grabbed and started to suck, long deep sucks, never opening his eyes. I closed my eyes, I helped him and when I came I caught him by surprise and we laughed. I wanted him to know he could make me cum.

    I told him that the dining room table wasn't the appropriate place to get naked, and we went into the bedroom and I got completely undressed and helped him get undressed. We spent some time just standing together holding cocks, kissing and I asked him if he enjoyed being fucked. I usually didn't top, but if he liked I would gladly help him out. With the help of some magic liquids, he chose to get on all fours and he was penetrated, the first time since he had been fucked by his high school history teacher. Life was good, he admitted that he had thought about me a lot, and now we had gotten over the barrier of getting together. Slowly I managed to introduce him to a couple of friends and he got together with one of them who's appetite was more to his liking.

    My picture library did serve a purpose, not just for me to reminisce, but sharing the pictures with him that afternoon. He is definitely a cock guy, he is not inclined to fall in love with the boy.

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