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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 33

    Back when I was in my mid teens and living in my parents house I had a crush on the woman who lived next door.
    She was early 30's and very beautiful. Everyone used to say that she could have been a model or movie star so gorgeous was she.
    She looked like a young Sophia Loren with a great body, long dark hair and a seductive smile.
    Her husband was about 10 or more years older and was always out working during the daytime.
    Often the young Sophia would sunbathe in the back yard wearing either a very tiny bikini or sometimes would lay there topless showing off her amazing breasts and dark erect nipples.
    I would stand in my bedroom completely naked and look down on her through a small gap in my bedroom curtains. I would watch her and would masturbate very slowly as she lay there sunning herself or as she applied sun cream to her gorgeous body.
    I watched her like this on a regular basis, wondering if she ever had the slightest idea that a fifteen year old boy with a raging hard on was wanking off and dreaming of giving her a hard fucking.
    One day as she lay in the back yard, applying sun cream to her full breasts.....I was peering through the curtains. I had just returned from school and was fully clothed except for dropping my pants to release my already erect cock. As she worked the cream onto and around her hard nipples, she looked directly at me and smiled.
    I was stunned, shocked. She'd seen me. The game was up.
    She kept looking at the gap in the curtains and raised one hand and beckoned me down. I opened the curtains so she could see that I had my cock in my hand. She waved again for me to come down.
    I hurried down stairs and out the back door, both excited and somewhat afraid. Was she going to tell me off for being a pervert?
    To my eternal gratitude she handed me the sun cream and asked me to rub it on the parts she couldn't reach and then promptly trurned over on to her belly and pulled down her bikini bottoms. I almost came in my pants. I nervously squirted a blob of the cream onto the palm of my hand and rubbed it on her back. She kept telling me to go lower. I applied it all over her lower back and then started on her perfectly shaped ass. It felt amazing fleshy, firm, round. And I worked the cream in until there was none left. She then parted her legs slightly and asked me to apply some on her inner thighs. As i was rubbing the cream onto her thighs she suddenly pushed against me and my hand was right up against her pussy lips. AND she was wet. I rubbed my fingers over her pussy lips and she moaned slightly. Then turned over and opened her legs. Her pussy was shaven around the lips, with a neat triangle of clipped hair above. Her clit was standing to attention and her pussy lips were full and a delight to behold.
    "Do what you want" she purred to me "I know yu've been wanking off watching me".
    There was no use denying it. I moved to where I could get a better view of her lips moist and slightly open. I rubbed my fingers against her lips, getting her juices on them. She opened her legs wide and grabbed my wrist and pushed several of my fingers into her. That was all I could stand and I felt my cock pulse as I came in my pants. She saw my embarassment and the growing damp patch at the front of my pants. Taking me by the hand she marched me into her house and pulled off my pants and underwear and threw them in her washing machine.
    "cant have your mother knowing that you came in your pants" she said "otherwise she'll want to know why".
    She took a warm wet cloth and cleaned my cock for me.
    Wrapped in a towel we sat and talked while my clothes were washed and dried. I confessed to her that I wanked off a lot watching her....and sometimes her and her sister...sunbathe in the garden.
    She then told me that both she and her sister knew I was watching and probably wanking off and found it very flattering.
    She then asked if I could ever see myself making love to her. "Christ yes!" I blurted out and my cock immediatley stiffened again.e
    She appologised for getting me hard and asked to see my hard cock. I removed the towel and she lowered her face to my cock, kissed the end and then opened her mouth and started to suck me. I lasted about 30 seconds and came in her mouth. She swallowed the lot and then returned again with the warm cloth and cleaned me....this time bringing my still warm clothes from the dryer. I had about 15 minutes before my mother came home from work to calm myself down.
    She gave me a long slow kiss on the mouth and asked me if I would consider wagging off school the next day and spending it with her bed.
    Next morning my parents both left for work and I made it look like I was on my way to the bus stop to catch the school bus.
    I was soon at my neighbours door knocking to come in. The young Sophia look alike, dressed only in her bed robe opened the door and ushered me quickly inside. She undressed me right there in the hallway, casting my clothes to the floow and almost dragged me upstairs.

    I was already hard as we climbed onto the bed. She lay back and opened her arms and legs for me to climb on top. As I lowered myself on to her she took my hard cock and guided it into her warm moist pussy. After only a few short thrusts I ejaculated, due to over excitement, into her. I started to apoligise but she hushed me and started to kiss me, my cock still inside her. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard, her tongue probing my mouth. My hand found her hard nipple and soft round breast and I could feel my cock growing hard again.
    We spent the whole day fucking, kissing and sleeping. About 3pm, I thought I heard the door open and close softly down stairs but she said no its my imagination and then as I was laying on my head to the foot of the bed...she got on top in a 69 position and we started to lick and suck one another. I had my eyes closed savouring the sweet taste of her pussy when suddenly I was aware that someone else was in the room. I turned my head and saw her husband...already naked....with a hard cock approaching the bed.
    "Oh fucking hell" I stammered "It's not what it looks like".
    To which he replied "Seems to me it's very much what it looks like....the kid next door taking liberties with MY wife!"
    Long story short he and his wife had set me up and if I didn't want to get grassed out to my parents I would do what ever they asked me to do.
    Obviously I agreed and for the next few weeks was used by him repeatedly. I was made to suck his cock, let him fuck my arse and to eat his cum from his wifes pussy, breasts and feet after he'd cum on or in her. BUT the bonus was that I could have sex with her every day after school as a reward for allowing him to do things to me.
    So I hated my neighbour.....but loved his wife. All these years later I still ache for her....but hate him.

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    You put sun tan lotion in her pussy. It's a wonder she didn't get a yeast infection or uti.
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    #1 does your sun tan lotions have yeast or other bacteria in them?

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