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    Straight Male / 38

    My wife fucks other guys in front of me, sometimes having them stay over the weekend and making me slave round for them. It started when she said I no longer kept her happy sexually, as I usually came far too quickly. She was right, as it only took a few seconds once I put my cock in her, and I'd cum. Most of the men she now meets online, but at first it was men from bars or everyday general life.

    She didn't care if I was there or not as most of the men were much larger in every way than me. And soon it became the norm to see her taking some guys cock up her pussy or asshole. After around eighteen months of her fucking guys in front of me (Eight different men I know of), one of the men she'd met off the internet suggested I clean them both off after they'd had sex. My wife had me sit naked across from them in our lounge. Then they had a long period of oral sex before they fucked in different positions for a long long time. Afterwards he lay by my wife on the rug, and told me to lick my pussy and asshole clean. Looking at my wife she smiled and said "Well get on with it then, you useless bastard".

    The humiliation more than anything made me move and I was soon lapping away at her well fucked holes. Hearing him laughing, my wife made a comment which I missed, but I didn't miss his large cum coated cock thrust into my face. My wife said suck it or leave. I licked it and then sucked it and found his cock rising in my mouth. My wife was giggling when I was sucking on his cock and she said something I still remember very clearly "You're going to be my bitch from now on". It's funny in my mind, I already thought I was.

    With his dick very much erect and ready, I watched her mount his cock anally facing out towards me, and they fucked some more. Only instead of having me move away as she had many times before, she told me to tongue her pussy and lick his cock. Getting up as close as I could I did as she asked, making her orgasm by sucking in her clit. It was the first time I'd personally made her climax in years.

    I'm now my wife's sexual and household cuckold. It's something I'm resigned to, and know I won't find another woman who's as understanding as she is. However the men have becme less frequent these days, not because she's decided to more wifely, no it's because she bought a dildo and now has my licking and sucking on her pussy and asshole as she fucks herself. I very rarely fuck her, but when I do she always has me clean out my own cum from her holes, if I manage to actually get my cock in her before I cum.

    Some people might hate the idea of their wives fucking other men, and being honest, I did at first. But now as in last nights long session she had with a regular lover of hers, I found myself cleaning and sucking on his cock much longer than usual, then having him tell me afterwards, I suck cock much better than my wife.
    To me it's perfectly normal now, and I will admit to loving the differences in the men who fuck her. I will also admit I'm becoming a bit of a cock slut myself, even if I'm not allowed to admit it to my wife.

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    You are a masochist and that's pathetic,if the story narrated here is true.You could have divorced her ,if she wasn't happy with you,so you could have maintained your dignity.
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    #1 I don't think you get it. From reading it, I find that he enjoys being put on and certainly enjoys being sub sexually. He's a true cuckold, I should know my husband is more or less the same.

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