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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    My first memory of being able to make a man pay attention to me I was eight and we were at a birthday party for one of my cousins. My mother's friend, we called him an uncle, was sitting on the couch and I went to sit on the chair and I pulled my feet up onto the chair and I saw my uncle staring at me. Believe me right then I did not even realize that he was seeing my panties until one of my older cousins came in and sang that song about showing my panties and slapped my leg and told me to sit straight. After she left the room I let my legs fall open with my uncle looking at me and I just sat there while he looked at my panties and my open legs. I want to say that I felt something sexual, but I sat there and let him look.

    I started sitting on his lap or jumping up into his arms and wrapping my legs around him. If he held me up with his hands under my bottom I liked it, when he squeezed my cheeks I liked it and if I could feel his fingers close to my pussy I liked it more. Or course at that time I knew the word pussy but with my mom and sister we called it hoochie. His finger slipped into my hoochie and I hugged his neck and let him finger me through my panties. He got erections, I sat on his erections, both facing him and hugging him while I 'rode' him, and sat on his lap facing the room with his erection in my butt crack. I touched his erection and would hold it in my hand and one day I went into the restroom with him and watched him pee into the toilet. I saw his great big penis and I dreamt of his great big penis.

    Sure my mother noticed my unnatural attraction to my 'uncle' and my sister pulled me off his lap so many times telling me that I was not being nice or that I needed to be careful. But if I could get to where I could have my hoochie fingered or sit on his erection I did. I was eleven when I had my first clit experience. I was sitting on his lap as usual and I had on a pair of shorts and his hand got under my shorts and found my clit and he played with my clit until I felt shivers and shock and then I had to get his hand away. But from then on I wanted him to play with my clit.

    I was definitely not a good girl growing up, by the time I was thirteen I was too big to keep sitting on his lap, but not too big to be fingered, by the time I was sixteen I rubbed my boobs against him. I had many orgasms, and some of them laying on my back in my panties having my pussy kissed and my clit rubbed. I was seventeen in the eleventh grade when that great big penis came out and I didn't have to be fingered any more.

    Around me my mom was always very sexually active with him, and my sister got sexually active with a boy at school. I saw my mom naked all the time, she shaved completely and helped me shave completely, it is what the boys wanted so we did it. My mom had reasonably good tits and she hung her tits in his face, and I dreamed of getting her tits, but I ended up like my sister, nice tits but tight against our chest. We never could do the pencil test. I gave my first full on blowjob to a boy in my chemistry class, back behind the bleachers with another girl blowing her boyfriend. I got myself fucked by the same boy not much after that and became sexually active at school. My sister had a bit of a reputation ahead of me and I suppose I followed in her footsteps with more than one invitation to senior prom.

    I enjoy letting guys look up my skirt at my panties. I don't flop open, but I wear short skirts or dresses and sit provocatively and the guys gather around to look. I get whispers from girls that I am being seen, I compose myself but I quickly go back to letting them look. I am not a blowjob girl, I prefer to give hand jobs and work him until he is about to blow and then straddle him. I like the feel of his hard angry penis in my hand and then my pussy.

    I suppose one day I am going to have to settle down. But not yet. My mom is 42 and she looks like a million dollars and my sister and I have all the boyfriends we want. We date together. We both like being naked and we have a friend who has a large sail boat and we go out on the lake and sunbathe naked out there. I love the feeling of a guy staring me between the legs, I like showing him what he can have if he is nice to me. I always have.

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    Damn!! I was hard the entire read. My kind of girl. Thanks from an older married horny man.





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    thanks [email protected]@y***o.**m

    Have fun with the spam.

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