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    I am a Mexican girl and I got involved with a married man. His wife was not in favor of me, but she helped me get into college and never let up until I graduated. She gave me a real nice gift, a pair of real nice earrings for my graduation. She wanted me to get a job with my degree and felt that I needed better clothes so she took me shopping for interview and work clothes. At one point I was standing in the dressing room with her trying on dresses, in my bra and panties and she said I should slip out that bra to try on this next dress. I went from being totally comfortable to being totally uncomfortable, standing topless in a little changing room with the wife of the man that I had sex with. But she never blinked, she was determined to get me the right dress even if it wasn't for work and that bra did not work for a dress.

    We not only bought a couple of suits for interviewing and several nice work outfits, she bought me a couple of new bras and had the lingerie lady size me appropriately. I got a job working for an architectural design firm. I had gotten totally comfortable with her and we talked about everything. From time to time she would ask me if her husband was taking care of me, if I needed anything, that he was always nice to me, she didn't want to hear that he mistreated me in any way.

    For my 23rd birthday she invited me on a girls only cruise to the islands in the Caribean. I shared a room with her and it is the first time that we undressed completely in front of each other. She had seen me naked before because she bought clothes for me but it was the first time I saw her naked. What struck me was how alike we were, except for the twenty year difference. On that cruise it seemed that once we were back in the room we stripped down to our underwear and we stripped naked before going into the little bathroom to take a shower.

    On that cruise we did talk about how she and her husband got together and how embarrassed she had been when he took off her pants and had sex with her the first time. I told her that my first time I just wanted to have sex, in my house sex was not something we didn't know about. I had slept in my parent's bed until I was nine and sex was an open topic in women company once you were around ten. At that age you started to get pointers and suggestions and you were asked almost daily if you had pubes. Having sex for me was something that I was late to the party for.

    We talked a lot about sex on that cruise, we compared what we did, and what he liked doing with us, and she told me that she was always uncomfortable with giving him oral sex and I told her that I gave him oral sex every time before we had sex sex. Then she told me that when she was in the ninth grade an older girl in the neighborhood would touch her and have her touch the girl. They were a couple of years apart and that is where she had her first romance. So when her husband pulled her pants off she was embarrassed. She never felt comfortable having sex, so if he enjoyed being with me then she enjoyed having him be with me. She just never expected to want to be with me.

    It was awkward, but she told me that she understood she just wanted us to be friends, she knew that she would never be with me like she was with her friend in high school but she did think about it. If anything we got closer and although we never went down the path of getting together, I knew that she wanted me to be the one that had sex with her husband. It also became clear as to why she never had children. I encouraged her to find a girl she could be close with, going through life not having sex was horrible, but that was too much for her. She was married eighteen years by then, she had sex when she was recently married but he finally stopped bothering her and when he found me he stopped bothering her completely.

    I never spoke to him about it, from time to time he told me that she was unresponsive or cold. I wasn't, I wanted to have sex.

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