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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    we moved to a new neighborhood as my dad had remarried after my mum died in a car crash, they were never horrible or abusive t me, but i was made to feel like a burden , then after a while i was 8 or 9 at the time the neighbors who had become good family friends offered to pay me to help around their house and small holding and ny dad said yes and so did i well i loved it there and soon after i was told that i was going to stop with them some weekends so dad and her could have their time and so i did and it was great fairly soon after being there after work and before w went to the rugger club for the eve she would run me a bath , i was shy and had no real close family relationships but she started coming in and laughing when i covered up , but soon got used to it sometimes she would wash me and dry me off i thought this was normal and my home life wasn't well things moved on and i let them as i was so happy and they were so good to me.

    well by the time the afternoon he came back and caught us i was ok with bathing with her putting lotion on her and doing as she said even though i though it was wrong i didn't say no she had told me all about boys and girls and even boys and boys and had shown me it all and made me do it all and we agreed that i was her special boy and it was our secret, but there he was raging and saying he was calling the police as i was a pervert and i would be put in care and everyone would know i was so bad and dirty. i was crying and out of my mind with fear, then he said go into the spare room and wait there you are going to regret this,
    so i did as told but there was nothing in there to use to cover me up as i was naked this was just after i turned ten and i recently remember this because he said later luckily its Easter holidays so no one will see. she came in and said how angry he was and i said but i was only doing what you told me to do please tell him but she said it wont help now he watched you with your fingers in me and thinks you made me, but he has agreed that if you go to him and say sorry and that you will do anything to gain his trust back for however long that takes and will accept any punishment he decides on and not refuse and after not say anything about it or if you dont want his choice he will call the police and if you dont be good to your word after he will still call them, she said what do you want to do. i immediatly said please dont report me i will do as told, didnt even think what that could be just didnt want to be ruined for ever and called names.

    so with that i had to walk back to their room and stand their naked and beg him to punish me and not report me ,he said first i am going to give you the belt do you understand i said yes, but had never been hit like that before so back to my room this time and he pushed me down over the bed but side to side and pulled me around a bit but wasnt happy then he grabbed ny pillows and lifted my waist up putting them under me making me more of a sharp angel i felt the pillows under my boy area and my feet were just off the floor, then he started and the pain was beyond anything before i tried to reach back and protect my bum so he told her to go round and hold my arms out so she did i was now acreoss the bad and arms out in front as he carried on, i have no idea how many it was i had become numb to it, then he stopped , i thought please no more, all i knew is she was still holding and i could here him behind me even though it was sobbing but holding it in as told, then i felt the familier cold of lotion on my back and bum even tough i couldnt feel it i knew hten it was rubbed around , i thought to take the pain away ,
    the next thing i felt was a hand round the back of my neck pushing me down and my legs kicked open then i knew , just like she taught me, i felt him against me and more pain different but sore i closes my eyes so tight as i felt him pushing at me, he had got it in and started doing it in and out but i dont think he put it all in as it hurt but not like others say when its forced in that went on for a whhile till he took it out and left the room, she then told me how good i was and its all going to be ok and took me back to the bathroom and cleaned me up , we went out that night like nothing had happened and all i was thinking was please dont let anyone find out , well i thought my punishment was done, but next friday eve as i was in bed he came in and got in with me and as he started r****g me again was saying how it was my fault and none would believe me . and i was lucky and will get to love our time together , well i soon stoped caring about it and didnt let it hurt me emotionally or physically, it was like it was happening to someone else and i was watching for about a year after that i did as told when told for them both, i realised hurting me was most of his pleasure so i trained my self not to be hurt by him during but always pretended it really hurt even when i had to act like i wanted him and loved them both not once did i act like it was good, i had learnt to give head and was ery good at it as it was sometimes the quickest way to get it over for the eve. during the first few months they had took pics of me showing all of me but only what i was doing not with who i had no idea till they showed them to me and used them as blackmail, i was owned and knew it ,living two lives one with them and one with mates. and saying nothing. after a year or so he said i was to prove to them that i loved them as much as they loved me and if i did i would do anything they say for them , will i he asked so not that i had much choice i said yes daddy, and was told that later on that eve at 8 pm i would wait in my room and a friend of his would visit me and untill 11pm i was to nake them proud by being nice to him ok , i nodded i felt so low,i didnt know there was other like them. and was shocked when he walked in as i knew him from the club but never thought . so he sat with me and talked and talked and told me so much stuff more than he should telling me how many were in there club 14 , and he wanted me to know he wont hurt me and no matter would tell them i had done them proud. so i didnt get in trouble but he really liked me lots, so then i knew he had the info i needed to find them pics and get free, so decided to see if i could make him want to come back so i could get more info, so i acter like for the first time it was great for me, and blew him away he got everything she had taught me but daddy had never got, it meant nothing to me just the same deadness, but after that he followed me home from school trrying to get me in his car right from the next monday and each day till on friday i said ok to going for a drive to talk all that behind his best mates back .
    and he thought eventually i gave in to his sex appeal,in his car in a feild behind a hedge, i only once made the choice to be fucked by a man and not coz i wanted to be, but for a purpose but it was still hard to say yes by free will and
    he started meeting me in secret every week and i acted like i wanted him to, i didnt think it would take two more years
    to get the info and all the pics so i could finally say fuck off but it did,
    and in place of the pics and negatives i left a unsigned letter telling them about their best friend and details about
    what he ask for and got from me and where, i enjoyed telling them how most fridays since my test right till that wek i had just let him fuck me and then come to there house , i even told them that all the role plays i had to do for him ,i did for him first , and then i walked away , and never went back i took no revenge that is for karma

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    This is my true story, i have for the first time shared what i lived through until i got free, i am now ready to share what happened to me sexually during, and what i did sexually some because i had no choice and some by choice but never for pleasure only for a reason,and how i kept sane, i now look back and feel no darkness, yes i am not the person that i would be if it never happened but i have never abused anyone or wanted to and even after it all ,am secure about who i am, and that is a dad to two daughters and grand children and only likes woman
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    Jesus Christ. Learn to use punctuation and normal sentence structure. Nobody can read shit like this.
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    If this is True & them d's that did this ain't Dead; Put them out publicly, or Kill them with objects STUFFED UP THEIR HOLES!

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