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    Straight Male / 26

    About two months ago I had sex with my mother-in-law. I never really had any intentions whatsoever to do such a thing, but I will admit to fantasizing about it. My wife's mom is in her early fifties, still quite good-looking and physically attractive. We've always gotten along very well and we have a habit of playful flirting with each other. Everyone gets a kick out of our relationship, and once again, neither one of us really intended to ever carry our suggestive banter to something physical.

    I work nights, and my wife works during the day. My mother-in-law doesn't have to work; her husband is an investment banker and spends the entire day making money for others, and himself. Since we live only a couple of miles apart, it's just natural that we spend some time together. I'm fairly handy, so whenever my in-law's needed something done around their house, I would do it.

    I went over to change a light bulb. Yeah, it sounds silly, but their house has very high ceilings. The bulb was fifteen feet up, and there's no way my father-in-law was going to climb up a ladder. After I was done, I planned on going home to sleep, but my mother-in-law and I started to talk. Talking made us thirsty, and we began to drink. Our conversation wandered, and somehow we started to talk about sex.

    Predictably we started to flirt, telling each other what we liked, and what we would do to each other if we had the chance. I started to get very horny, and the alcohol didn't help. It was pretty obvious that my mother-in-law was worked up as well. She kept on checking out my crotch, reaching out to touch my leg, and leaning over to sometimes whisper into my ear, even though their was no one around to hear anything we said, even if we shouted.

    Finally, it just happened. My wife's mom leaned over to give me a kiss, and I kissed back. After that it's all sort of a blur. Our hands were everywhere and pieces of clothing started to come off. I fucked her on the living room floor. She wouldn't let me pull out, and when I came she moaned just like my wife.

    We didn't apologize, or try to make excuses to each other for what had happened. I let her know that I enjoyed it, and she said that she did as well. Keeping it secret from our spouses was agreed to be of paramount importance. That night my wife asked my about the marks (rug burns) on the back of my wrists. I told her that I touched something hot at work and she left it at that.

    My mother-in-law texted me the next day to thank me for a wonderful time, and she told me to stop by anytime I liked. I held out as long as I could, but four days later we fucked again, this time in her bed. Since then I can't get enough of her. She has the energy of a teenager, and is willing to try anything I suggest. Best thing about this relationship is that it's made sex with my wife even better. After a day with my mother-in-law, I can't wait for my wife to get home so that I can fuck her too.

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    Amazing... you're one lucky guy. That's my fantasy and you're living it.

    Would love to hear more about your encounters with your mother-in-law. What does she look like, her figures, etc

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