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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Iâve always been turned on by wearing diapers ever since I can remember. Itâs been an embarrassing fetish, and I have never personally met someone who has had the same fetish as I do.

    When I was a kid, I would go through the bathroom garbage to find soiled diapers, but only ones soaked with pee. I would put them on, usually too small for me anyway, but sit in the feeling of a wet diaper. I would wait, pee in in some more, and feel so good, yet so guilty about it. I did this for several years.

    Being a teen, I had totally forgot about it, and even as an early adult, though with occasional fantasies increasing to having a woman shit on me. Still, I kept these fantasies to myself, except one girlfriend whom I shared the shitting fantasy with. She found it gross.

    It wasnât until I was about 27 when my diaper fetish showed up again. Being so much bigger than I was as a kid, I doubted I could find some diapers that would fit. But I did some research and found a couple of resources. Mostly I found some adult diaper companies selling diapers for way too much as a regular thing. I did find some creative bloggers using traditional methods, but really only for people who have smaller waists than me, and I am already pretty small. I tried a couple of methods, which somewhat worked, and found my joy for peeing in diapers arise again. Still, I had to keep my fetish secret.

    Last year I met a highly attractive woman who was practically a whore in the literal sense, and we played in the fantasy realm. I confessed to her my interest in diapers, including the strong desire for her to wear them and pee in them, only to have me change her diapers and fuck her in between changes. I also shared with her my desire for her to shit on me. Neither one of these were enacted, but she hardly judged me for my desire.

    After we parted ways, left with feeling unfulfilled, I started to wear diapers on and off again on my own. I finally found a resource that I could comfortably fit in and wasnât expensive. It wasnât until last week when I decided to play out one of my own curiosities.

    Iâve had dreams about hot women taking shits on me and the feeling was so good in my dream. So horny one morning, I really wanted to experience what it was like to jack off with my own shit. So I sat in my bathtub, pooped, and grabbed a handful of shit and started to rub it all over my cock. I immediately got hard and it felt so good. I rubbed my shit all over my chest and jacked off until I came. Laying there in my bathtub, with shot all over my body, I felt equally disgusted and completely turned on. Such a bizarre feeling. Even though the smell of shot is not arousing, the whole other process is.

    Now, as I have been sitting here writing this, Iâm wearing a diaper again, waiting for the need to poop and pee in my diaper so I can go into the bathroom and jack off again.

    In my opinion, men, like me, are really weird. Why is this so arousing? And my fantasy for a hot woman to enjoy in this same process as me is such a strong desire for me. However, I doubt Iâll find that match for me, so Iâll just have to sit in my bathtub alone, dreaming of that sexy beauty who will find shitting on me so hot, having my ultimate fantasy finally fulfilled... after 15 years.

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