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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    What a great time! It was only 10 minutes ago when my bum was full of a beautiful 6 - 7 inch uncut penis and it was beyond description. I have been fucked before but only 3 times with a very nice man whose cock was a cut, a little shorter and more slender size and I enjoyed it immensely. However, this gentleman (and he was all of that) made me feel incredible - his thrusting was slow and cautions at first so as not to give me any pain then as the tempo picked up he was in me more and more finally his balls were slapping mine and I was moaning with delight. He was intimate as well starting with hugs and cuddling, feeling every inch of my body and the tingly sensation never ended. I am over the moon happy with this m2m moment knowing it has everything to do with "him" and his kind, gentle nature. Will we enjoy each other again? I certainly hope so, this was too god to not receive a curtain call!

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    So, ten minutes after you're fucked, you rush to the computer to tell the internet about it. Balls.
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    What a lovely story. I enjoy passionate sex as well and having a willing partner take his time with my ass is fantastic. I too hope you get fucjed by him again and again and ... yeah, I'm a little envious.

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