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    Straight Female / 21

    I always had a vision of how my first time would be. Some romance, a lot of foreplay with a man who truly loved me.
    That's not how it went at all.
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. He has wanted sex since the first week but said he respected my decision to wait. When I spend the weekend with him at his place it's usually hard to cuddle while sleeping cuz he seems to always be hard.
    Last weekend we were drinking and I had one to many and while laying in bed attempting to go to sleep his hands started roaming. Before I knew it we were both naked and he was fingering me. He positioned himself between my legs and started sliding in. I kept telling him to wait but he kept pushing more and more in.
    I felt pain and I cried out and he tells me good girl. He starts fucking me faster. There was no excitement for me at all. This is not how I wanted to loose my virginity.

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    Our culture needs to abandon this whole "loosing my virginity" bullshit. It was your sexual debut. You didn't "lose" anything. The first time that you ate a banana or a lobster, did you lose your banana virginity?? No, it was your first experience eating that item. This was your first significant sexual experience. It went badly. That's pretty common. It gets better with practice.
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    #1 Amen brother!

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