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    Straight Female / 25

    My mother-in-law has always been snobby. I've never been good enough, never done anything right in her eyes, and she's just SO high class and we'll educated, whereas I'm "white trailer park trash" to her just because I haven't been to college. Oh well. Getting on with my confession.
    Last night she asked me over for dinner, she said she wanted to apologize about something. Knowing she was full of shit, I merely went along with it to humor my husband. So, I went over to her house by myself and sat with her for dinner. She started off nice enough, but she wasn't really eating and kept drinking wine, and slowly her apologies turned into blaming me for ridiculous things yet again.
    I got up to leave, stating that I'd heard enough and I was going home. She stepped in front of me to stop me, and without thinking, I punched her in the jaw- because she was in my face and screaming again. She was more tipsy than I'd thought, because she immediately fell to the floor on her back, and she was mostly unconscious.
    At first I freaked and didn't know what to do. What if her husband came home and found her like this? What if he came home right now and saw me standing over her like this, and knew I'd done it?
    Then something else went through me, I'm not sure why or where it came from. I guess it was because I was just so fed up with her bullshit. I wanted to completely dominate this bitch. I wanted her to know I wasn't going to put up with her shit anymore.
    I hurried and straddled her face and lifted my skirt, moving my thong to one side so that my clit was pushed against her lips. Then I began to grind, and she began to stir. I panicked again and tried to figure out what I was going to say. She tried to ask what the fuck I was doing, but before she got the sentence halfway out, I ran my fingers through her hair, grabbed a handful and shoved her face into my pussy.
    I was just as surprised as she was when I heard- out of my own mouth, "Suck on my clit, you fucking bitch" She hesitated for a minute, I can only assume in shock, before I felt her begin to flick her tongue around and start sucking. It turned me on so much- this power trip i had over her. I absolutely loved it. I moved my hips forward and made her tongue go into my vagina, and she started to tongue fuck me.
    "Yeah, eat that fucking cum oozing out of my pussy. By the way, your son just got done fucking me and filling me up.... eat it." She did. I couldn't tell if she was just playing along, but she didn't seem to hate it. I kept moving my hips around and grinding into her face and shoving her face into my pussy at random and I eventually came in her mouth.
    When I was finished, I spun around and tore her shorts off and commanded her to spread her legs. She didn't have the prettiest pussy, and I've never been interested in eating/fucking a pussy, but this overwhelming need to completely dominate this bitch wouldn't let up. So while she was still licking my pussy, I spat on her clit and started to finger fuck her. She came pretty quickly. The more she squirmed, the more I shoved my pussy into her face, and when I did, she seemed more eager to make me cum again.
    This went on for a while, and I even started licking her pussy, which she seemed to love as well. Then one time when I happen to look up, i see her husband peeking around a corner just watching us. I grinned and made the "come here" motion with my finger. He smirked and came into the room and just stood watching us.
    I had always had a little bit of a fatasy about him fucking me, he was an attractive older man. I told him to get behind me and fuck me if he'd like, and I'd make her keep licking my clit. That was another fantasy- to have a guy fuck mem from behind while someone else was underneath me going wild with their tongue, and it felt just as amazing as id imagined. His cock was about 8" and THICK, and felt wonderful sliding up into my tight wet pussy. He let out a deep groan of pleasure when he got his cock all the way in me and started hammering. It was no time before I came all over him, and as he was pulling my hair/smacking my ass/biting the back of my neck and earlobe, he was ready to shoot his load.
    I could tell he was close as he had a death grip on my hips and as he was hammering away, I felt his cock start to pulsate and get even harder than before. He started to pull out and I rocked my hips back toward him which made him cum even harder.
    After all was said and done, I told my mother-in-law next time she wanted to apologize, she could just get on her knees instead.
    I had plenty of fun shoving her face into my pussy. It seemed it wasn't the first time she'd licked a clit, either. The best part was when I went home, hubby had no idea and he was already horny for me. He licked my pussy and ate Greg's cum, without knowing, and making me squirt for the first time because it was so irresistibly sexy.
    I hope she calls me again soon.

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    So Greg's Not his Dad?

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