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    Straight Female / 44

    I was masturbating furiously with a object that had a handle and I used the handle part to insert into my vagina and had it for years. I was getting infections a lot and couldn't work out why. I was fucking that thing some days for hours I would slide it insode of me and out and some nights it was like the perfect love making partner to me better then any man making love with the object for hours while I lay back and relax. it felt so great to lay back and have it moving in and out of me for hours at night. so relaxing. sometimes I want my old room back. we have a old double bed in their and it is one that makes a lot of bouncy noise and I want to fuck on it and bounce some of my big titties in my neighbors faces soon. back to my story of horror. one day a heap of gooey like cum came out of the handle and I got pregnant to a woolfe dog and the strange thing was it was in my bum and I just shat it out and down the toilet it went. half human and half woolfe dog was not on my list of projects. It was a fright and a mess. I wondered why I got so fat and was having trouble passing motions til the day it came out about the size of a squash melon approximately say, 10 by 30? just a guess I didn't want to look at it and the blood it was covered in. that afternoon I went to the doctor after cleaning myself up and said I had had a lot of constipation and he noted the bleeding cuts around my butt hole. I was not going to tell him what happened. I felt sick to the core. he gave me some antibiotics and painkiller prescriptions after checking my fever and I said "maybe I am coming down with flu or something?" he said he was worried about infection and asked had I passed some hard large faeces and I said yes. he felt around incase of any blockages but I felt 100 times thinner and less back pain and 100 time lighter. I put this down to a nightmare and try to forget it. I still wonder who put the dog sperm in the handle ? as there is only me, my parents and my brother who live here but I was on Jasminlive striping and chatbate sites and I wondered if my brother was not talking to me as I talked about how I used the handle a lot and would show it but always wore a mask on my face and used the end of my room that was not revealing of who I was, no evidence at the scene as they say. some time back the handle after 10 years of regular fucking use broke and a heap of cum was still in there and I thought should I take this to police as evidence but I just threw it away in the trash can.

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    so did it have an umbilical cord? what happened to that? and you sure it was dead born?
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    What the fuck is this bullshit?

    You fucked a handle, you got sperm from it and you got pregnant by a dog, and instead of pushing it out from your c**t, like you should have to not to get the bleeding, you shat it from your ass like a moron and you managed to flush a squash melon down the toilet and then you met the doctor who asked you to bandage your ass. And now you expect everyone to believe that you have a brother AND parents?

    That is not physically possible. Every plumber knows that!
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    wtf is this? wake up, dreams over!!!!
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    That ain't even FANTASY you dumbass! Fake bullshit, ya can't get pregnant in your ahole!! And Not by a Dog either

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