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    Straight Female / 51

    This 51 yr old lonly Mississippi housewife got the surprise of a lifetime. Today I was sexting with a stranger whom I met here with my confession of being lonely and looking for a sex buddy. He said his name was Carl that he lives close by. As we texted he asked for a nude pic so I sent him a picture of my big titties. He said that he was going to suck the life out of them. So he asked was it true that my pussy was shaved and pierced I said yes and sent him a couple of pics of my shaved pussy. He asked for some direction to my house,so I gave it to him. Carl said that he would be here in 10 minutes so I went and put on a sexy nightie,so when the door bell rang I got nervous as I went to open the door. When I did I got a surprise for it was my husband standing there. He didn't say a word picked me up off of the floor and carried me to the bed,where he laid me down and fucked me like a stranger would have done. My pussy swallowed his dick up to his balls,as we both had orgasms at the same time.after about an hour of intense sex my husband thanked me for best fuck of lifetime,he simply gave me a kiss and left

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    Lol. Well if this is true, I guess thats the best and safest way for you both to cheat on each other.

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