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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    On a trip from Indiana to Massachusetts, my friends and I just stopped at a rest stop. They both needed a power nap. So i left them be and wandered tge rest stop.

    I've always wanted to let an older man fuck me and cum inside me. So, i thought, 'you got an hour'

    I downloaded Grindr just out of curiosity and punched in my rest stop.

    I waa shocked i got a hit. A trucker in one of the parked rigs. I shot him a dm and he responded. Told me he had a cabin in the back. He was a hotter older guy.

    Minutes later, i was knocking on his truck. He opened the door without a shirt. I was so hard. He was so hot.

    "I've never done this." I said.

    H8s reply, "It's okay. I have..**me on up, son."

    We watched some gay porn together 8n the bunk in his truck as we explored. I kept an eye on my phone, hoping that the alarm i set to awaken my friends wouldn't go off.

    He undressed me, sucked on my nips as i stroked my first cock. He smiled at how nervous i waa. He kissed me often. Told me i was beautiful.

    I asked him if I could suck his cock.

    "I don't want to cum in your mouth. " that made me shiver. Did that mean he was going to want to fuck me?

    He knelt on the bed next to my face and taught me how to suck him. Told me to say 'Yes or no Daddy' to everything he said. I started with stroking him as i licked his shaft. I felt him playing with my ass as i kissed the tip, tasting his precum.

    I think i m8ght be gay. Because I wanted this. Even as his first finger, lubed and gentle, pushed into me.

    I have no idea what he did, but it was like lightning that just shot up ky spine. I moaned, going for broke I slipped more of his coxk into my mouth.

    I couldn't tell you how big he waa. He felt huge.

    He said "Easy easy baby easy." He pulled his coxk out of my mouth but ke0t fingering me. I couldn't even make sound. It hurt but it was also incredible.

    I wasn't aware that he'd moved until i felt his hand on my ass, movibg me to my belly. He laid on my back, i could feel him. God he was so hard.

    He lubed his cock and asked me to tel him what I wanted. I loved this. It was how i wanted it. I'm lucky.

    "Please fuck me, daddy. Fuck me and cum inside me, please." He kissed my cheek and i felt him push in.

    I nearly screamed. But he stopped and kissed me. Told me how i was a good boy. He kept pushing just a bit more in. I just whimpered Daddy to him when he slowly started pumping.

    I heard the alarm go off.

    But ge held me there.

    I did fight it.

    It felt so good afterI got used to him moving. He was hitting that spot again and i kept gasping. He 'made' me say 'Thank you Daddy' a few times. He kissed me after. I gotta say it was better than I hoped. I could feel a bare hard cock pulsing inside me.

    It didn't feel like very long before my body started to shake. I blew a thick load into his bedsheets as i thanked my trucker daddy again.

    As I'm confessing this, I'm in a blanket jerking off where no one can see. I still feel him.

    I lay there panting as he kept fucking me. And he was right behind me. I felt it hot the inside of me, each fucking spurt. Every quiver of my first dick gace me goosebumps. Felt like it took him a year to finish.

    He took a picture of my open asshole leaking cum. He promised to send it.

    My friends were still asleep when I got back. So i went into the rest stop and jerked off. I came fast.

    Now im almost to Massachusetts.

    I'm about to cum again thinking about him fucking the cherry out of my ass. I gotta send him a pic of it.

    I hoped he comes to Massachusetts soon.

    But that's my first time just hours ago on the Mass Pike.

    I'm cumming

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