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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    When I was 13, I met a 16 year old guy who I had heard of from a former friend. She had dated him and had lost her virginity to him, and being 13, that was a big "Woah" to me. I never cared for him or even knew what he looked like. I just took the info she gave me and never thought of it again. Months later I had a friend request on Facebook and it was his name. I had never heard it since my friend mentioned him but it automatically rang a bell. I accepted and we started talking. I was boy crazy and liked the attention, especially now that me and the girl were no longer friends. We talked only for a couple weeks and I snuck him into my house. I was afraid to have actual intercourse because of fear of getting pregnant but I definitely have him a blowjob the night I met him. He wanted to take my virginity soooo bad but I didn't let him. Instead he went behind me and started to rub his penis over my soaked pussy and in between the lips of it. It felt so good and he definitely got off without even going inside. It was great. And yes, at this point I was still 13

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