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    Straight Female / 19

    My daddy is a very handsome athletic guy. He's forty seven and a man who just so happens to have a huge penis. I know this because not only have I seen it more than once as he showers, or when he and my mom have fucked in the past. But as of two weeks ago, I've sucked it twice. He and mom haven't been getting on too well of late, mainly because she won't satisfy his needs sexually. So I'd caught him twice with his cock out of his shorts after he'd been drinking a lot and watching porn in his snug. He always falls asleep in there, but the alcohol had made him so out of it, he didn't wake up easily. Seeing his gorgeous cock poking out the first time, I didn't do anything, but I did go to my room and masturbate. The following week all I could think about was my dads cock, and knowing he was in there again having drunk whisky, I went in and sure enough his shorts were undone. His cock wasn't out, but it only took seconds for me to release it and before I knew it, I was sucking on my own fathers cock. He didn't cum the first time and I had to leave quickly hearing my mom entering the house. The second time however in the middle of the afternoon with my mom out shopping, I released his cock and he moved a little as I sucked on him. My father after about five minutes of me sucking on his awesome cock, put his hands on my head. It made me jump but I carried on sucking on his cock, then my dad bucked upwards and he came filling my mouth. Swallowing it, fearing I might get it all everywhere, I released his cock and looked up. He was fast asleep still, or so I thought.
    My dad hasn't drunk again since telling me and my mom he's finished with the alcohol. I thought it was because of me and maybe he wasn't asleep, and that bit I now know I'm right. The thing is only a few days ago, he pulled me to one side in the kitchen and told me he wasn't fully asleep in the snug, and at first thought my mom was finally giving him what he needs. Only when he was cumming did he look down and see it was me. He apologized and said it won't happen again, but also added he was confused I'd want to suck his cock. My only response and one he hasn't answered yet, was to tell my father, I'd love him to fuck me too.

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    He knows. You don't need to tell him, just enjoy.
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    If I was your father and you said that to me your panties would be down in a heartbeat and I'd be fucking your brains out.
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    Just tell him. you'll be full of his cock soon enough.
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    THIS particular storyline will perpetually withstand tests of time and NEVER get old due to dads & daughters naturally & always having a mutual attraction to each other. The correction that needs to occur of course are the wives/mothers being more accepting to the natural reality of it. i.e. they must assume it will occur prior to taking marriage vows. Preparation is always infinitely better than dealing with a likely change later.

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