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    Straight Female / 32

    This is a confession, but it will aso sound like I am stalking someone!

    I am a nurse at a large hospital, and I have to work a 3rd shift every
    now and then.
    About 2 weeks, there was a guy on my floor staying for 1 night after
    a simple procedure. The best part about the overnight shift, is that
    most patients are usually sleeping, so you just go in and check on them
    every once in a while.

    So, this guy Paul, was a middle age black guy, who I thought was good
    looking as soon as I opened his door and saw him. He was sound asleep,
    and his bed sheet was off to the side. He had boxers on, and OMG, the
    head and a few inches of his penis was showing.
    I have seen hundreds of men along with their private parts showing,
    but this one was different. Big, yes....but the head looked like a
    beautiful dark plumb.
    I just stared a it for a few minutes, and then I am ashamed to admit
    this, but I moved some of his boxers to the side to see more of his
    cock. It is beautiful. I sometimes laugh when I think about "love
    at first sight", but I can honestly say I fell in love with this
    mans' penis at first sight.

    A few days later I was home with my husband, and we had a few drinks
    and I ended up telling him about my patient Paul and his wonderful
    cock. My husband got SO turned on when I described it ad how much
    I wanted it. And here I thought he would be mad! lol
    We started "roleplaying" about Paul and I getting together, and me doing
    a more thorough inspection of his anatomy (lol)

    The morning after I saw him , I checked his charts. He had a guy listed
    for an emergency contact who lives in a different state, but had the
    same last name. I figured it was his dad or a brother. He did not have
    a ring on either, so I am pretty sure he is not married.
    I was able to get his address, phone and email from the information on
    his patient sheet.
    But - how do I contact him and what would I say without sounding too

    I sometimes drive by his apartment complex just in case he is walking
    by or something. I go to a grocery store that I am sure he goes to since
    it is 2 blocks from his home, but it is totally out of the way for me.
    I am hoping to run into him "by accident". But gain, what would I
    say to him to let him know I want to see him alone somewhere soon??

    My husband suggested I just call him as like a "follow up" to his
    hospital visit. I could ask him if he has any questions about his
    meds, but then how do I go from that, to tactfully asking to see him??
    Let alone telling him I am married!

    I think about this guy every minute of the day it seems - its not
    But I want him. I want that perfect plumb size cock head of his
    in my mouth and in my body.

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    Youre headed down a bad path. Once you sex someone else youll want it from then on.

    Stick with your husband and the role playing. Youre going to end up messing up lives.

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