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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Right now I am in a relationship with a man. He is a bit older than me and does well in his profession. He is to be frank smarter than me and he is much more mature than me. I feel he is older than he is. He has had sex with me and I am currently his girlfriend of choice.

    Why this is something to comment about is that I have been living as a lesbian for over ten years. I started in a lesbian relationship at seventeen with one of my teammates on the volleyball team. We did crazy things, did it all, went for it every time we had a chance. It was passion unleashed. Only college brought it to an end. She met another girl, a psychology major and they went their way leaving me to pick up the pieces of a broken heart.

    I had a one night stand and that was it until I graduated from college. I met this girl at a club for girls, she asked me to dance, pretty much undressed me in the club and I went home with her. She wasn't my equal, she liked me playing the little girlfriend part. The sex was constant and aggressive and hard and she introduced me to bondage and other things. I lasted with her for five years and then I slowly just fell out of love and didn't enjoy being with her anymore. We broke up, this time I went my way and she is the one that is still nursing a broken heart. I have deep feelings for her, but I can't be in that relationship anymore.

    And this leads to my current situation. This man came along out of the blue. I met him at a get together to meet my cousin's fiancé. He trapped me in a conversation and it didn't matter which way I went he had me cornered. I was frustrated and wanted to get away from him but I was trapped. Trying to change the subject I asked what he wanted to do, anything other than being trapped in that corner by him. He said he wanted to take me and undress me and fuck me a little here and a little there and find a hole here and find a hole there, have me give him a one man show, choose a hole for him to deposit his sperm and carry it around in me until it became part of me and I became his.

    I stood my ground and I said OK, lets go fuck. Up to that day I had never had sex with a man. We went to his place, an apartment on the north side of town, he asked me to undress and dance for him, get his cock hard by dancing. He wanted lots of tits and ass. I undressed and started to dance and he asked for more to get my pussy up close to him, to get on the couch and rub my pussy on his face, to turn around and let him put his tongue in me as I bent over. None of this was strange, nothing I hadn't done with my most recent girlfriend. His tongue was hot and I backed off and had to control myself and let him lick me and tongue my vagina. He was definitely erect by then.

    I gave him every hole, completely and I chose my vagina to carry his sperm. I told him that it was Russian Roulette for him, and he said OK and he filled me up. We've dated heavily after that, we have sex a whole lot, my hole of preference is my vagina almost every time, I want it there. That girlfriend that my old girlfriend wanted, that is the girlfriend I am for him. We evolved into a pretty square relationship, except for the sex which is still on the wild side, but otherwise our relationship is pretty square and I am happy with him. For the first time I feel I am in the right place. We have talked about getting married and we are thinking about it.

    Some of my previous life friends question my sincerity with him. They knew me then and think I am just getting over my last relationship with my last girlfriend. If I am, then I am, but I like being with him, and like I said he is far more mature than I am and he gives me purpose and stability. I don't feel confused, I feel that maybe I had made a mistake, or that maybe I just liked the sex with my girlfriends, but I like the sex with him. I feel that I am locked in when I have sex with him. Whatever it is I am thinking of getting married to him. I think that I was never really a lesbian, I just liked being with a girl.

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