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    There should be a section for camp confessions.

    I was fifteen and we were at camp with a large group of boys from several troops. It was a weekend for competitions, which I hated. I guess most of all the other boys hated it too. One of the boys from another troop and I were assigned to a team to work on building a rope bridge. He and I were on one side and the other two boys were on the other side. We sat beside each other and our hands were together, leaning against each other, I felt like kissing him. The more I thought about kissing him caused me to get a boner. He noticed and he passed his hand over my boner and asked me what that was for.

    The other two boys were deep into their rope work and he grabbed my boner with his hand and held it for a minute and said he loved boners and we laughed. We finished our bridge and we passed but not without a series of observations on how to make it better. We did not win the competition.

    That night after mess in the large dining hall my new friend and I went outside and went for a walk. We found a place with looked like it was out of sight and off the path and we sat down and we opened my pants and he sucked me. I had never been sucked and it felt really good. He sucked me for quite a while and then I sucked him. I had my first boy on boy encounter. I did kiss him on the second night we got away and we sucked each other again.

    After we got back to town we talked but we lived far apart and there was no real way for us to get together and we didn't see each other again. It was two years before I convinced a boy to let me suck him, he was fifteen and I was seventeen and he let me kiss him and suck him, and we were able to get together after school and he let me run my cock up and down the crack of his ass and rub his hole until that day when I fucked him.

    We are still together, I went to college in town and when he finished high school he went to ITT Tech to get a certificate in IT. While he was at ITT Tech he met another gay guy and we found the gay crowd and hung out with them. It was crazy and the parties were crazy. After I finished college and got a job we rented an apartment in the gay friendly part of town and we were out with all the other gay people. But I will always remember my first time at camp. It was the kiss, that first kiss.

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    That's a wonderful story! I've never been to a summer camp, but I have read many accounts of similar things occurring. Is it really that easy to find someone with which to "hook-up" in such a place? I would have been SO afraid of getting caught with another boy's dick in my mouth! Although, I imagine that if such friendships blossom as often as it seems, I imagine that it would only be a matter of time before it happens.

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