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    Straight Male / 35

    Straight Male / 35
    OMG, I can't believe this actually happened although I have been dreaming of it for the longest. Not really in the way it happened but it did happen just the way I had been dreaming. Not night time sleep dreaming, day time dreaming. As I said, I am 35 years old, soon will be 36, a widower (My wife was killed in an auto accident several years ago) and I'll admit I did collect a huge sum from the insurance company but listen to me, I'd give every penny back if I could only get my wife back. I am currently a member of the city counsel but refuse to run for a second term. To many meetings to attend where my word does not mean shit to the older members. All I do is sit there and exhaust myself while others pass useless laws and I get blamed more than them.

    Okay, so much for that. This afternoon I came home exhausted so I just fell down on the floor in front of the TV and flipped through the channels until I came to one I could sleep on. As I lay there with my front door open but with the screen door closed so I could see outside. Well, soon I saw my neighbors wife walking up the side walk. She could see me lying there so instead of ringing the door bell she lightly tapped on the door. I told her to come in. She opened the door and came in, stood there and asked if I was feeling bad for laying there. I told her that I was just exhausted from a long boring meeting. As a School Teacher she could well understand that. I told her to have a seat so she did. I often get people knocking on my door soliciting MONEY election parties so I asked her if she was after money, and smiled. She said she wasn't after money, just my opinion toward the November election. I told her I did not consider myself a Democrat nor Republican but rather an Independent. I do not vote for the Party but more so the subject. She appreciated that.

    She was wearing only a blouse and matching skirt. She sat in my recliner which caused her skirt to slide up some showing more of her beautiful legs, which I could not take my eyes off. I rolled over on my side, facing her, and we talked a little about the upcoming election. I told her that as far as the person(s) running for office, regardless of their party, I would vote for the one who claims to better represent the subject, not the party. I vote on what I believe will benefit the majority, not the party. She really loved that.

    Then the subject got on my wives death. I told her flat out that I loved my wife more than anyone could imagine. She said that she could believe that, that she never got really close to my wife but agreed she was beautiful, a lady that any man could enjoy. I laughed and said, "I hope they never did enjoy her except in their dreams." She smiled. I asked her, "Do you ever have a desire for another man?" She said, "I'll be honest with you. I don't believe I have ever had a real desire but I have seen men that I could just imagine his ability." I kinda puckered up and sent a kiss her way. She smiled. After a few more sexy expressions I began winking at her and throwing those kisses. I could see that it was kinda effecting her buy her actions. She was unconsciously twisting in her chair. She asked what I was watching on TV? I told her I hadn't watched the TV since you came in, only you". She said, "You are so flattering". I rolled back on my back and I suppose she could see that I had inherited a stiff cock. I winked, gave her a distant kiss and motioned for her to come and lay beside me. I did not have to beg. She immediately stood and closed the front door and locked it and then without hesitation, lay down beside me. I could tell by her deep breathing that she was ready. So, I placed my hand on her boobs and they stood erect and the nipples were hard and
    stood straight up. I gave her a light kiss on the lips and asked her if she had ever French Kissed? She said she had and I said, "My version of a French Kiss?" She looked a little puzzled but she didn't refuse when I commenced removing her clothing. I mean she had one beautiful body. Reminded me of my own wives body. She now lay there completely naked.

    I placed my lips on her lips and applied a little pressure until I could feel the warmth and some moisture. Then I slide (forced) my tongue between her lips and began sliding it around and in and out. She seemed to be enjoying it. I continued this action and she began moaning and moving her head from side to side. I kept up my actions until she stopped moaning and settled down and then I removed my lips and moved up to her belly button. She admitted she loved my version of French kissing. She then went down on me, gave me the best blow job I've had since my wives death. Before going down on me she did ask, "Do you want me to suck it?" I said yeah but at the same time I was thinking, "Do you really have to ask?" She helped me remove all my clothing, including my neck tie which is a must on my job. We later ended up 69,ing. Then we got into the missionary position and we fucked until neither of us was able to continue. I bet she climaxed at least 10 times. She says she didn't keep count but admitted she was well satisfied.

    We did visit and play around until she had more homes to visit before calling it a day. We did agree to continue our togetherness. School is out for awhile which gives her freedom and can come home immediately after closing at 4 PM.

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    WOW, I think I read this elsewhere and was copied and post here. Atleast I think it's a hot story and to me it is true/believable, but I don't understand why only 2 have read it but no comments. Yet, some of these other stories are so far just imaginations but get lots of response.
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    As commenter #1 stated, more so than not, the storyline is old, tired & has been posted just this side of everywhere. Yes, it's a credible in theory ; it COULD happen however it's not likely to. There are just too many details or obstructions in everyday life that render it highly unlikely.

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