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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I've been fucking since I was 16, I don't have a huge cock, I'm small framed, but I get a lot of girls. My first was a much older granny type, whom I still fuck a few times a week. She taught me how to make love in ways a woman will enjoy, ways to stroke them, play with their boobs etc. and since I learned from her, I've been able to fuck a lot of girls. I've seen other guys in the shower, even have a friend at work who is gay, and admits it, but I've never had anything to do with guys.

    On Saturday night I was naked, face down on a bed with a 43 year old married man spreading lube on and into my butthole. He'd been playing with me, finger fucking me for over an hour. After a night of porn, beer, pot and coke I was so horny, I couldn't stand it and took the plunge into gay sex. "Reach back and spread for me honey" he said and I pulled up my hips a bit, shoulders on the mattress, head in the pillow smelling of his wifes perfume, and with both hands spread my butt cheeks in order to make it easier for a man to fuck me. He had a long, thick cock and I could feel the head spreading my hole. I was determined to grin and bear it, but with only the head and about 1 inch inserted the pain was too much. I asked him to stop, he promised I could at any time. He wouldn't stop though, he pressed into me for probably 5 minutes until I had 9 inches of 2" thick meat up my butt. He held it and told me to squeeze my ass really tight onto his cock. It did help, the pain eased up, and he liked my squeezing. I got pumped for about 10 minutes and felt him shudder, ram it in me all the way, then felt him shooting his cum inside me.

    I immediately got up and went into the bathroom to relieve myself. Oddly, I felt I had to go very badly but only his cum came out of me. He warned me that he came a lot, his wife couldn't hold it all in her mouth. After a careful wiping, getting a little blood off my backside; he was very thick, I finally came out. He was kneeling there about 5 feet away and I walked to him and he sucked me right there. I blasted inside his mouth in minutes. I must say it was one of the top 5 BJ's I've ever had. We returned to the bed, and he told me to suck him. He got hard again, and said that he'd blow in my mouth but on another day, he wanted my butthole again. I lubed my butt again, then spread lube all over his incredibly big, hard cock and rolled over on my stomach. He rolled me back over, pulled up my legs around his hips and inserted that big thing into me missionary. Kissing me, fucking me, he warned me that it would take some time since he'd just cum. After about 30 minutes I was moaning and groaning like the worst slut I've ever been with. I was begging for his cock, begging for his cum. The door opened, and his wife walked in saying simply "Excuse me, I have to change". She watched her husband fuck me while she changed right in front of us. She was incredibly hot and I'm lying on her bed, naked, with her husband pounding into my butt and she's stripping naked in front of us. I saw the most beautiful woman with the most fantastic body, naked right next to my head as her husband was fucking me and she didn't even care. He leaned over, kissed her pussy saying she'd been a bad girl. As he kissed me I could taste her pussy and some sperm. She clearly had been out doing what he was doing.

    As I left, he was sitting next to her on the couch. He was still naked, she in a very thin, very revealing robe her dark pussy hair showing through it. She got up and walked me to the door telling me to hurry back anytime I wanted.

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    my lover first broke me in on my back took my panties off and gave me the best head and then shoved two fingers in as I moved my hips and then lube me more and then easily and slowly moved his ten inch love muscle in me on my back he looked into my eyes and then RAMMED it HARD as I screamed he lipped locked me as six oz. of hot love juice entered my manpussy, we made passionate love all night

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