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    Straight Female / 37

    I have just had a major shock and I am so mad I could spit. I just found some utterly disturbing pictures and video in a file my husband inadvertently left open on his laptop. There are seven videos and about two hundred pictures of my husband dressed as a woman, in about half of the pictures he is wearing various items from my lingerie drawer with his painted lips wrapped around various cocks. In others he is posing fully dressed and accessorized in some cute outfits and sexy heels. The videos are only a few minutes long and he seems to enjoy cum facials in those, but the most disturbing video is Tom being fucked in his ass by one of his golfing buddies. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. M&y first impulse is to expose him and publish the videos and pictures, but it would destroy our family. In a strange and uncomfortable way I find them titillating, but I am determined to confront him. I just haven't figured out how.

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    Just remember that if you do publish them they NEVER go away.
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    Take a big deep breath... have a shot (if you drink). I’m SURE your hubby loves you just as must as ever. Many middle age men gets bored with routine sex, and to spice it up, crossdressing and flirting with bi-sexual buddies is quite common. DONT freak out please, engage with him and talk about your mutual feelings when it comes to sex and intimacy. Buy a strapon dildo and dominate him, make him your pretty gf and give him that prostate orgasm that he longs for. He’s probably scared to death about how you’d react and the possible rejection and thus, out of fear, he chose to go behind your back with his buddies. Had he cheated with a 25 y/o female hottie, then i’d Be worried, if I was you. Communication and understanding is key to a continuous happy marriage. Good luck!
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    So you've never done anything "out there" sexually during your life. If not then you're probably the reason he seeks out different sex. In other words, "You're boring" in bed. Plus lets face it, you don't have what he wants, COCK!!! It's as simple as that.
    Look in the mirror first before destroying someone else................
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    This is your chance to get any and everything you want and desire. Blackmail him and buy a strap on and dominate him in and out of the bedroom.
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    This is a chance to have any man you want. Make him your cuckold, and you can fuck anyone you want. Look up cuckold ../ make him wear a chastity device too
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    You find it exciting just like he does. Instead of wrecking your family, take the high road. If you love him, talk to him and add this part of him into your sex life along with those kinky things youve always wanted to try.

    Dont blast it out on the net. That does no good.
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    My husband came out to me a few years ago. He is a life-long crossdresser and developed his desire for cock, or at the least only acted on it more recently. He is convincingly feminine and I have witnessed him having oral and anal sex with men. I am fascinated at the men and how they treat my slutty husband. We still have sex infrequently. I have developed a fuck-buddy relationship with a handsome young co-worker. I like to have my husband get dressed and get Ronnie's big black cock hard for me. Then after he ejaculates his seed into me I have him clean me with his tongue. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this lifestyle.
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    I am been going to gay bars dressed fem sexy for years. I am bi-sexual, a cross dresser and love pussy and love cock. Being with total strangers, wearing nylon panties and nylon short shorts with a pink shirt tied in front and getting hit on always gives me a thrill. Whenever the time or place is right, I look forward to doing it. I love the feeling of wearing lingerie stockings dresses and pretty make up.
    Usually my dates just take me to the dark side of the parking lot. We get in the back seat and I do whatever they want which always means they fuck my mouth and I get rewarded with lots of cum. My wife doesn’t like this but she has always known this and she loves me enough to tolerate my kinky side. I love her and she knows it.
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    My wife caught me dressed in her lingerie with our next door neighbor's cock buried in my ass. She kicked me out, exposed me to friends, ruined our 15 year marriage. No kids, thank God, but it was a really ugly time for both of us. These days I'm happily bi-sexual and have developed a nice sexy wardrobe. I dress as a woman more frequently and I get way more cock than my ex-wife!
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    I have been a sissy gay fag all my life. I not only enjoy it, I get off on it. I have had long totally honest conversations with my wife about it and she knows everything and still loves me and is tolerant about it. When she is not home, I crossdress in her clothes and lingerie. When we are having sexual times, she dresses like a who’re for me.
    In every other way, guy but when it comes to sex, and when I feel it is appropriate, I let my sissy gay crossdressing side out out the closet. Black nylon full cut panties, matching garter belt, lace top stockings and a bullet bra and mules feels so good.
    Probably watching my mother get dressed for dates, first standing in front of the mirror nude putting on red lipstick just wearing her black lace panties is probably the reason I have these feelings.

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