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    I don't know what is making me put these words down but here goes, I was my Grandfathers plaything it started with him giving me horsey rides on his leg which i loved as it made me giggle a lot, He'd always seemed to have done it in fact I can't remember him not giving me a horsey ride he'd often fondle me which as a kid I thought was him just being a nice grandpops as he was gentle and it felt kind of nice and I always felt warm and safe with him, His hand would find it's way up my skirt or dress and rub me through my panties as I bounced up and down on his leg as I giggled, Then one day I noticed the nice tingles as he rubbed me and i asked him to do horsey faster and I felt as if i wanted to pee as he rubbed me faster and harder as I bounced suddenly I clamped my legs tight shut against his leg as the tingles grew and grew feeling wonderful,Those lovely feelings changed my horsey rides they became more intense and sexual and he grew bolder he'd often touch me when nobody was looking and he knew I'd never tell, He'd grab my butt or put his hand up my skirt and feel between my legs I'd giggle and enjoy his attention, One day we were alone and he took my hand and put it on the front of his trousers I'd just turned 10 at the time I could feel a hard lump inside his trousers he told me it was because I made him feel good on his knee and how he'd like to show me what it was that I did to him, I was intrigued and was eager to find out what it was and he showed me only after swearing me to secrecy, He stood up and unzipped his trousers and pulled out the first penis is ever seen and to my eyes it looked huge though with hindsight it probably wasn't, I was amazed at this stiff tube of flesh bobbing gently in front of me and very curious he took my hand and placed it on it, I was amazed at how softly hard it was and at how it twitched in my hand, He asked me if I loved him to which i of course said yes who doesn't love their Grandpa after all?, So he asked me to kiss it to prove I loved him I bent down and gently kissed the purple head and I heard him gasp and say "give it a lick please it feels so hot Sarah" I did tasting it's saltiness for the first time he told me to keep licking and like a good girl I did as his hand slid up my leg and under my dress and slipped inside my panties his finger finding that button I'd played with at night sometimes and slipping between the lips of what i called my "peewee" it felt nice so i continued to lick him gently enjoying the feelings and taste of him, I could hear him breathing heavily as his free hand stroked my hair gently as his finger performed firm circles on my button, He started to repeat the words "Good girl" over and over again until he suddenly grunted and white stuff splashed over my tongue lips and face which made me jump and giggle while he continued to rub me faster and faster as I held on to his throbbing penis I closed my eyes and shut my legs tightly around his hand and I remember saying "Oh grandpops" and gasping loudly the feelings even stronger than ever I was in heaven, After a while we cleaned up he wiped my face clean and zipped himself up and we cuddled for a long time, This happened a lot after that all thoughts of "horsey rides" gone this was much better and was for many years after he took my virginity for my 13th birthday as I'd been asking him about it ever since he showed me some porn magazines of people fucking and pestered him to do it to me it looked like so much fun, It hurt a little but not for long he was gentle and kind and I loved him, We secretly fucked up until i was 20 and he passed away I was devastated but apart from losing my Grandfather I couldn't tell my parents the full reason for my greif I'd lost my lover too, So there it is my deep secret that I was very happy to be a part of I was never forced or coerced in any way and I liked what he did a lot and what he taught me and years later I still miss him he was the best lover I've ever had no other man could live up to him in my eyes.

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    As much as I'd love all this to be true, I imagine it's a wishful guy writing it. Or maybe a wishful girl.
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    OP here #1 where you there? No you wasn't I was however, But think what you like i know the truth of it, Go ahead call me a liar the only wishful thinking here is your own.
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    I believe you I am a grandfather and me and may granddaughter share the same thing you had with your grandfather it's very special some idiots whant understand it. If you like we can come in contact info love to hear more
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    My grandfather died when I was only 12 but to this day I remember him very well the way he'd hold me hand of his on my butt or him playing with my budding nipples making me tingle all over and the first time I had sexual feeling towards him. God I miss him so.

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