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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    My name's Nathan, I'm thirty six and a business partner in a travel company that provides exclusive packages for gay/bisexual men to visit the Caribbean for sex.

    Most of our clients are like myself, married, yet love huge black cock fucking their assholes. Since buying myself into the growing company with inheritance money four years ago, I along with two other business partner travel out to the islands we book clients onto, at least six times a year.

    We scope out new and fresh young men, and check on our existing hunks who are more than willing to stick to our strict regime of health and fitness. For their professionalism, they are paid very well, and some have become extremely well off.

    Each time we visit, my partners "tries out" any new potential young men, to see what their sexual skills are like. Most times during our six day stays, they entertain between two and three different young men, and they usually only recommends one into our exclusive list of available guys.

    The criteria is strict as the "New" young men have to be obviously disease free, have a large thick cock and be able to "perform" if and when a client wants and needs sex. We test this by them having sex with my colleagues during our stays, at different times during the day. And seeing what their reaction is to different scenario's.
    Some of our guys are older men, and that's because some of our clients prefer to be fucked by older men. And it's one of those men I more often than not stay with, if he's not "entertaining". He's called Calvin, he's forty four and he's extremely horny with a massive sexual appetite.

    My wife believes I stay in a hotel, and leave the finer details to my colleagues. What she doesn't know is, for the past two years, I've more than sampled what Calvin offers our clients. His ten inch cock has been inside my mouth and deep up my asshole more than I can count over the past two years. Often with me taking his "time slot" for the whole six days.

    Believe me when I say this, there are more and more married men taking breaks from their wives on a "guys golfing vacation" to have a large cocked black guy fucking them during their stays. On my last trip out, one guy who'd only been married for eighteen months, was having his second "Guys trip". Somehow he's convinced his wife he plays golf, when he's actually taking a young guys cock down his throat and up his ass.

    Time to catch my flight out there..............

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    I am a professional, bisexual man hwo lives in south Florida. I share custody of my children so my activity is limited to when they are with their mom. One of my professional, masculine gay freinds told me about such activities in the Caribbean. I accompanied him on a weekend trip to the Caribbean, sex with big dicked black men there is the best ever. I've even taken a couple of day trips on my own to get some big blak dick in my white, jock ass man pussy. My second trip was the first time I was able ot blow a nut withuot touching myself. That man knew hot to work my prostrate and it blem my mind when I got off without touching myself.
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    I never thought I would enjoy this sort of thing. But I recently did! Don't knock it until you've tried it. It's naughty and very nice.
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    My taste in men gravitates to the older ones, I am 53 and enjoy the company of men in my age group. Several men came together and we booked a Caribbean cruise, six days on the water, six days together, sex, and more sex. Literally no holes bared, so much raw pleasure, see how far out of our comfort zone we could go, no strings attached, enjoy it, try it, go for it. Can't say enough. I would love an organized party boat, no one under 50.
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    I work with a black guy. He is 35 about my age. My wife or none of our friends or co workers even have a clue what he and I do when we are away fro others in private. I am a white married very masculine muscular guy. Work out often and have a very normal life as far as every one else knows.
    In private I am addicted to his huge black dick and really enjoy it balls deep in my white asshole feeling his cum fill my asshole. He is a tall muscular married black man with a huge thick cut 12" dick with huge balls that fucks like a machine and shoots huge very thick hot loads up my ass.
    That's all we really do is fuck. We suck each other at times but mostly its just hot physical raw fucking and him pounding my white ass and dumping a few big loads in my guts. I can feel his long fat dick go up in to my stomach when his huts slap mine and he loves to fuck me face down holding my feet wide apart while he holds on to me really tight talking dirty to me and it gets pretty hot and nasty after he shoots his cum up my ass the first time.
    His big dick drags the cum out of my ass and it gets all over my balls and ass while he pounds the hell out of me and he can cum in me three or four times every time we meet. We have talked about it many times and are very close to actually doing some thing I have wanted to do for quite awhile now.
    He knows three other black men that could keep it very private and he is working on giving me my first gang bang with three of his black friends that are very well hung. Just once I would like to be used and fucked by a group of black men with huge cocks and only us know about it. I have this fantasy of being gang fucked by a group of big dicked black men in a very private cabin way out in the woods and having my ass fucked over and over again. Who knows it could happen one day.

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