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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    Hello everyone. My name's Wendy, I'm thirty six, slim, have large firm breasts and I have a sexual appetite well above my husbands abilities. It never used to be that way, but he is forty nine and his powers of sexual recovery usually take up to a week after we've fucked. I on the other hand require sex far more than that.
    Toys, fingers and a girlfriend were my way of controlling my urges for a while, but once she moved away, I felt I needed that human touch again. I know and I'm trying to be conceited here, that I'm attractive and I also know and have known many men and women have wanted sex with me in the past. So over the past two years, realising my husband could not keep up with my needs, I've had many many one night stands, quickies, instant sexual liaisons, call them what you will, but I've had at least one sexual encounter a week over that time.
    Supermarkets, shops, walking through parks, the local library, a cinema with my husband still watching the movie, and of course pubs and bars. Actually as many places as you can think of generally, I've met and have had sex with both men and women. I always carried condoms and wet wipes, but now I always make sure I have time in the afternoons to enjoy a more indulgent sexual time, as a hotel owner who's wife I'm having regular with, lets us have a room together. He's not interested as he's well past any sexual need, but his wife who's like myself, much younger than her husband enjoys pussy as much as she does cock.
    In the last month however, I've met a younger guy called Sam who my husband employs to drive one of his work vans. He's twenty two, extremely well endowed and a virile young dirty bastard. My husband had him picking up materials from the yard next to our home on an almost daily basis. With text messaging it's been easy to arrange when he's calling by, and we invariably have half an hours sex before he goes back to work.
    I know all this is cheating on my husband, but I have a sneaky feeling he knows all about my extra marital sex. Why else would he arrange for me to travel overnight with Sam to a music event, and he travels the following day. Plus and this is something I found out only yesterday, he's been making sure Sam drives over each day of late to our home for materials, materials he's already got on his jobs.

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