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    Gay Male / 49

    In our teens we hung out at this drive in restaurant by the highway. At the time I lived in Santa Fe, NM. A man came by in a Cadillac and asked for directions to one of the hotels downtown and I told him how to go. He offered me a buck if I went with him and showed him. In the car he asked me lots of questions and if I liked school. He told me that when he was in school he didn't get good grades but he had a lot of fun. When we got downtown he stopped the car in a parking lot and asked me if I liked to have fun because he wanted to have fun. He put his hand on my knee and said that if I had fun with him he would give me five bucks.

    I got out of the car and he went to the hotel and checked in. He parked his car and motioned for me to walk over and he told me the room number and to follow in about ten minutes. To use the stairs and not the elevator. When I knocked on the door he let me in and he and put his arm around my shoulder and walked me over to the bed and he fell on it pulling me down on him. I was uncomfortable but he went on and said he had been driving and he needed something to make him feel good.

    He laid me on my back and undid my belt buckle and pants and opened them and took out my dick and started to suck it. He kept talking between sucking and talking about how good it was and how much he had thought about it while he was driving and how he just loved to suck a dick and if I had sucked a dick because I was going to love it. After a while he got up off the bed and took off his shirt and pulled my shoes off and my pants and underwear and told me to take off my shirt. He took his shoes and pants off and stood naked at the foot of the bed.

    He told me to turn over on my stomach, and he got on his knees and rubbed my cheeks with his hands and rubbed his face on my cheeks. He turned me over again and sucked me for a minute and asked me to suck him. He laid on his back and held his dick in his hand and I went down on him and started sucking. He was right that it felt good, and I was holding his hard dick in my hand sucking him while he ran his hand up and down my back and rubbed my behind.

    He stopped me and pulled me up to him and he held me and kissed my face and asked me if I was a man or a boy, but never mind I was going to be a man that afternoon. He went and got some Vaseline out of his suitcase and told me to get on my stomach and that he was going to slick me up and it was going to feel real good. His fingers rubbed the Vaseline on and then he pushed one finger in all the way and asked me if it felt good and not to lie because he knew it felt good, the only thing that felt better was getting the whole banana.

    He took a pillow and put it under my hips and got on and in a couple of minutes he had thrust himself in and was going to town, slow long thrusts followed by quick pull backs and then another long thrust. I answered his questions enjoying it and then I came into the pillow. He felt me as I tried to turn over and called me a bad boy and he went ahead and increased his rhythm until he came.

    We lay naked on the bed for a long time, talking now and then and he told me about when he was a kid and how he had to sneak out to go see Mr. Jones down at the water plant. I told him about the couple of times that I had sucked dick with a friend and we had gotten naked at his house one afternoon. He took my hand and put it on his dick and told me to play with it, that it felt good to get jerked off a bit. He got hard after a while and I got hard myself and I was beating hard with my hand. He sat up and leaned down and sucked me and jerked me and got me to come again.

    I jerked him for a while and sucked him for a while but I didn't get him to come. I got dressed after a while, he gave me the five bucks and I snuck back down the stairs and caught the bus and went home.

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