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    Straight Male / 43

    This is embarrassing, but I cant stop masturbating!

    Some silly little thing will trigger thoughts in my head, and I have to go somewhere
    to be alone to take care of myself.

    I will be in line at the store with a cute check out girl - as soon as I get home I
    have rush off and relieve myself.

    Any story online I read, or on the news about a woman cheating on her husband - off
    I go.
    I was involved with a married woman for several years before I met my wife. I will
    start thinking about some of the wild things I did with her, and the sloppy seconds
    both her husband got from me and I got from him, and I need to cum!

    My wifes best many times she has been in one room talking to my
    wife, and I have been in the room next door day dreaming about her and cumming
    by myself.

    Anytime my wifes' niece comes to visit, even while she is here - omg, I will sneak off
    to stroke off. She is 23 now, but omg, if only she knew how many gallons of cum of
    mine had her name on it! lol

    I love it when my wife calls and says she has to work late. In my mind she is fucking
    her boss or a coworker, so I am hard as a rock and need to cum.

    What is sad is, I can get so big and hard as a rock when I am by myself, but when I
    am with my wife, nothing. I never get hard when she is around. We have not had sex
    in a long time. I'd rather be alone and take care of myself.

    I have a heart condition, so I cant take Viagrra for my wife's benefit, so I know she
    is frustrated.

    But I cant stop sneaking off to be alone - sometimes 3 or 4 times a day!

    I guess when I am alone and close my eys, my secret sex dream world is far more
    exciting than the real world.

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