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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    Sleeping together. We are in college and went to South Padre on Spring Break. We partied, we drank, we met people, guys and girls and we got drunk and we got sick and my roommate who was with me walked me back to our room and put me to bed. She said she was going to go out again and I begged her to stay. I felt cold and asked her to cover me up and she got on the bed and put her arms around me and I fell asleep.

    When I woke up around three in the morning, she was with me under the covers, topless with her arm over my chest. My headache was gone but I needed to use the bathroom real bad so I got up and went to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth, took off my top and got in bed with her again. I lay beside her while she slept, I kissed her cheeks and touched her nipple with my finger. I took her hand and put her finger on my nipple, I kissed her on the lips. I had become very horny, I thought about masturbating but didn't want to wake her up.

    I got down on my back, and pulled on her and lifted her so that she lay her head on my shoulder, she instinctively put her arm around me and held me and I held her and brushed her hair with my hand. I took her face and kissed her until she woke up. I told her to wake up and fuck me. It took her a couple of minutes to get fully awake and she asked what I had just asked her to do. I put my arms around her neck and asked her to please fuck me. She took my arms off her neck, sat up and turned on the light and asked me to stop playing. We sat there looking at each other and I told her I wanted her to make love with me, I was laying it out for her, we were in the hotel, we were together, we were in bed together and it was time we just made love.

    She turned off the light and said not now and she had me lay on my side and put her arms around me and told me that I was drunk and I didn't know what I was talking about. She fell asleep pretty quick and I lay there holding her hands. In the morning we showered, we went downstairs got some breakfast, we went back to our room, I got on the bed and asked her to come over and make love to me. I wanted her to undress me, to undress herself, and make love to me. She took her top off and pulled my shorts off and helped me out of my shirt and bra and grabbed my boobs and started to make love to me. She pushed her hands down in between my legs and stopped and said for me to first tell her I loved her.

    I asked her if she loved me, she told me I knew she did, but she wanted to hear me say it out loud. I told her I loved her and put my arms out for her and then she made love to me. We went back and slept together.

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