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    Straight Female / 36

    36, married female, 3 kids middle America.

    I'm not a beauty queen, though not plain or ugly, and I keep my body in very good shape. I weigh the same as I did in high school. My hips are wider due to having kids, and my C cups sag more after three kids, and my husband nursing on them. Even after the kids were done nursing; I did 10 weeks with each, my husband kept me milking for almost a year after each one stopped so he could nurse on me. We were fabulously close during those sessions, I would sit up with my back on pillows against the headboard of the bed, and he would lie across me, I'd hold him in my arms and he'd drain my boobs of milk every night. During the day I would go to his office and we'd close the door, sometimes we'd go out to my minivan, other times I'd have to pump to ease the pressure during the day. I loved it so did he. Other than that we don't really have too kinky a lifestyle sexually. I've let him, and several others in my younger days, do whatever they wanted. My husband has had me in every way possible, as much and as often as he wants. Sometimes on vacation we've done it in front of a hotel window knowing there were people watching and he and I both like when he spanks me hard and turns my butt red. But there is one thing that no one knows about me.

    Since I was about 14 I have been into flashing my nudity. First it started with my boobs, then my butt, then my very hairy pussy. I've always had a lot of pubic hair, there was no mistaking that I didn't have panties on. I started by letting my boobs come out of my top at the swimming pool, when I'd adjust my bikini bottoms I'd make sure the boys or girls could see my entire butt. Then that wasn't enough. I would stand in my window at home and show myself totally naked, pretending I didn't know he was watching, to my neighbors husband in his bedroom. I then got bolder and when he was on his back porch, I went outside, and pulled down my shorts with no undies on and showed him my virgin pussy, turned to show him my ass and walked into my house that way. I've been an exhibitionist since then, I go to parks, malls, parking lots, sometimes I go out in just a coat and flash men and teen boys, sometimes even women with my totally naked body.

    I don't know why I do it, I can't stop, and really don't want to stop. I like that so many people have seen me naked. My husband, children, neighbors, pastor, co-workers know nothing about my secret fetish.

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    Flash me online please??




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