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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    All my family and friends and certainly my girlfriend think I'm straight. The fact is, it's all a sham as I have a gay sexual kink. I absolutely adore fucking much older men. And not just older men, but men who are lets say burly. Not fat per say, but may have a beer belly or are barrel chested. And I've been fucking them since I was sixteen. I'm fortunate enough to have an eight and half inch cock, and most if most all of the men I've fucked or had suck on my cock, have adored my length.

    It used to be a lot of outdoor sex when I was younger, and I still enjoy fucking a guys arsehole outdoors. But mostly nowadays I fuck them in their own homes. Many of the men that I fuck or have suck me off, are married, and they have to be discreet. So when I visit their homes I always wear work gear and look like a tradesman. You'd be surprised by how many times that has helped me and the married man in question, when their wives have arrived home without notice over the years.

    I have a regular set of older men who I fuck weekly, and then there are the one off's who I meet when I'm out cruising. Something I like to do when my older girlfriends away with work. She's been away all week this week and so far I've had a guy suck me off in our local park. And I've fucked an older fisherman down by the canal, when I asked him if he'd caught any fish. We chatted for while then he asked me if I'd like him to check my tackle. It was only ten minutes later with the use of hand cream, I lubed up his arsehole and fucked him yards away from his rod and reel.

    I might I guess be considered good looking and have a muscular physique, and I get lots of admiring looks from young women my age. yet my desires sexually have always been towards horny older men of a certain type, and I guess it will always be that way.

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