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    Straight Male / 40

    My second wife, Ellen, and I had been together for 12 years and I had pretty much raised her daughter Toni as my own. I was given a tip that Ellen had had an affair with a close friend of her daughter and though I didn't initially believe it, I decided to investigate the possibility. He was a neighbor kid who lived three houses down from our house and I had hired him to be our pool boy for the summer. Consequently he had spent a lot of time at our house and had a lot of contact with my wife.

    I thought a hidden camera might be too difficult to set up and conceal, so I resorted to an audio recorder that was much easier to set up. I set it up taped to the underside of our bed and checked it out after the pool boys next visit. After listening to my wife and pool boys interaction it was very apparent that they had a sexual relationship going.

    When I confronted her with the evidence, she couldn't deny it, and tried to use the excuse that she was upset about getting older and that the pool boy made her feel like she was young and desirable yet. I immediately filed for divorce. Ellen then quite her job and said that she was going to move to Florida where her mother lived and that she was going to take Toni with her.

    Toni was a senior in college and was a commuter to a nearby college. She didn't want to leave until she graduated and told her mother that she was not moving to Florida until she had her diploma. Her mother objected, but Toni stood her ground.

    Toni and I had a good relationship and she told me that she wanted to stay with me. She also was angry about her mothers affair and was going thru a period of depression and in need of being comforted by me. We did a lot of talking about our situation and many times Toni and I would end the day with hugs and holding each other. Toni was a beautiful 21 year old with a beautiful body and in all honesty I usually ended up in bed at night jerking off as I fantasized about Toni.

    One evening I had just finished my shower and had forgotten to take my bath robe with me into the bathroom. I knew that Toni was home at the time and figured that I would just wrap a towel around me while I exited the bathroom. I was so turned on by Toni that I decided that I would just leave the bathroom nude. I knew she was outside the door and that I would just make believe that I didn't know she was home. As I walked out of the bathroom I was met with Toni face to face. I told her that I was sorry, that I didn't know she was home. Instead of making a quick exit to my bedroom, I just stood there looking at Toni as if I were in a state of shock, which I was. She didn't turn away and I could see her eyes focusing on my cock. Suddenly she turned and walked away.

    I went into my room and put my bathrobe on. I picked up a book that I had been reading and went into the living room to pick up where I had left off. After about and hour, Toni went in to take her shower before retiring for the night. I decided to hang around near the bathroom and wait for Toni to come out and maybe we could have a talk about what had happened earlier. Much to my surprise Toni came out of the bathroom totally nude. We both just stood there looking at each other. By now I had a raging hard on and I could see that Toni's nipples were sticking out. We both just stood there looking at each other for a good 2 minutes. Nothing was said and finally Toni came out with I think we both have the same thing on our minds. I told her that I agreed and hoped that we could get by the fact that we were father and daughter and what was on our minds was probably against the law. Toni then told me that she had fantasized about us together ever since she was 14 or 15 and she always wondered about what it would be like.

    Without another word being spoken we reached out for each other and ended up in a passionate kiss with our tongues probing each others mouths. In no time we were on my bed with my bathrobe gone and our hands exploring each others bodies. We both seemed to be in total sync with each other as we worked our way into a 69 and ravenously sucked each other. I eventually rolled Toni off of me and got her on her knees with her ass up in the air. I buried my tongue in her pussy as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her ass looked so inviting that I then buried my tongue in the crack of her ass and rimmed her beautiful ass as I went back and forth from her pussy to her ass. Toni said that she had never had her ass licked, but she loved it. I then rolled her over on to her back and buried my cock in her wet and juicy pussy. We passionately kissed as I pumped my cock in my beautiful stepdaughter. Toni soon came in a screaming orgasm and I soon followed by filling her up with my cum.

    It is now over a year since we began our love making and it is without a doubt the high light of every day. Toni visits her mother periodically but she has let me know that she has no intention of ever leaving me.

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    Boys who write bullshit stories think that seeing a cock, tits, pussy or ass, is instant cause of arousal and desire and EVERYONE want and is ready to fuck right after it.

    To me it seems that these boys really do think that sexual relationships starts instantly when someone sees them with their clothes off or see them masturbating.

    "We both just stood there looking at each other for a good 2 minutes. Nothing was said"

    Fuck off! You try to tell you are an adult and you still don't know the clock?! You are more likely fourteen, than fourty.
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    #1 I get the impression that the only sex you have ever had was with Rosie Palm. I get the impression that you go to sites like this to express your jealousy of other people who are getting something that you wish you were getting but probably never will. Asshole!!!
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    #2 Hahah. You'll learn when you get older and some girl will have sex with you.
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    I love young pussy for their first time, when I get them on all fours and tongue the ass, them lube them and my cock and slip it in then get it going and then ramming it hard, oh my god love the screams and my cum oozing out as I fuck their little tight pussies

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