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    In 2007 I was in Europe on assignment. I met a young woman, barely twenty one, my daughter's age. She was like many, wandering, waitressing, maid work, going from Greece to Spain, Copenhagen to Berlin. Broke, undernourished, unhappy, scared, alone. I gave her a place to stay, bought some clothes for her, fed her and fed her and fed her, fattening her up, no more ribs, cheek bones, sunken eye sockets, until she looked full, healthy, happy. During those months I had her see a dentist, a doctor. She cooked, she painted, she laughed, she smiled. I fell in love with her, until I raced back to my apartment to see her, an old man, old enough to be her father, she young enough to be my daughter.

    I brought her back with me, married and pregnant, to the anger and disappointment of my kids and exwife. This woman, believe me she is a woman, is the best thing that has happened to me, she gave me back my youth, my days, two new kids, a reason to live. A diamond in the rough, discarded by society, thrown out to die. Now a healthy mother of two, a young wife to an old man, full of life. Need I say I love her so much, I am so proud of her, she gave me back my life, excuse me if I cry.

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    Wait till your dick isnât working and you are too old to walk and wipe your own ass. She will move on and find a nice hard dick to fill up her holes, while you sit in a wheelchair and hear her orgams enjoy your new life.
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    Donât listen to these morons. My mom remarried someone my age 30 years ago, a nice guy she met on vacation. They are quite happy, she is 88 he is 61.
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    Your wife sounds like me. My husband is 30 years older than me, and he sacrificed everything to be with me. I understand the struggles. Men like you are brave and wonderful.

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